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Perfect Picks for Summer Picnics & Potlucks

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Perfect Picks for Summer Picnics & Potlucks

Summer Solstice marks a great time to start enjoying more cannabis outdoors.

Summertime is here which means it’s a good idea to get outside and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Picnics are a fun way to get all your friends together to spend time soaking up the warm weather while eating and drinking delicious stuff that everyone has brought to share with one another. The key to good picnic food is something that easy to transport, not very messy to eat and something that tastes good even after sitting heat for a little bit (except for drinks and things that will make it in a cooler). For some people, the easy way out is to grab a bag of chips or pre-cut fruit from the store but instead of doing that, you can be the person that brings something homemade that steals the show.

Check out some of these ideas for things you can make to bring to a picnic, potluck or social occasion where bringing edible to share is appreciated.

Pot Popsicles

Cannabis-infused honey is the star in this pot popsicle that incorporates fresh fruit and lemonade for a tasty way to beat the heat. You can follow the recipe or come up with some of your own creations using juice or coconut water for the base with whatever fruits you like. Just make sure you throw these bad boys in the cooler so they don’t melt before everyone can eat them.

Kief Fried Chicken

A sprinkle of kief and chili powder gives this chicken a kick of heat and a bit of a buzz. It’s a good way to add something substantial to the fray that will help fill everyone up and make the picnic feel more like a meal and less like a snack sesh. Though the recipe calls for boneless chicken strips, you can easily swap those out for party wings if you prefer and add BBQ or teriyaki sauce to take them to the next level.

Cannabis Mocktails

If herbs are your thing, you’ll be into these three refreshing mocktails that use cannabis-infused lemon simple syrup. Try making a rosemary, cucumber and cannabis-infused ginger beer, a cannabis-infused mojito or a Thai basil and lime cocktail to help keep everyone cool. The drinks usually take about 10-20 minutes to set in with the peak hitting about 45-90 minutes in, so try to make sure everyone paces themselves so they don’t overdo it.

Melted Brie & Infused Apple Butter Baguette

If you’re looking for something quick to bring that looks like you at least tried a little, this is it. It’s kind of like a fancy grilled cheese for adults and you only need four ingredients to pull it off. If you’re not feeling this combination, you can experiment with your own duos to get the perfect sweet-savory mix.

BLT & THC Sandwich

Chances are that you already have most, if not all, of these ingredients in your kitchen and ready to go if you need something quick and convenient to make. All you’ll need to do is spread some canna-butter onto the bread you’re using for the sandwich and prepare it as you normally would. It might be a good idea to skip the mayo (or bring some on the side) if it’s going to be sitting out in the sun just to make sure everything stays fresh.


A good batch of cookies can go a long way. Especially if everyone only needs just one. You can make your personal favorite or try out chewy vegan chocolate chip cookiesno bake oatmeal cookies or lavender sugar cookies depending on your mood. Just make sure you use a sweet strain that pairs well with a dessert.

Roasted Green Chile Salsa & Super Lemon Haze Guacamole

These two dips are easy to make and will be the perfect accompaniment to the chips someone else will inevitably bring. The creamy guacamole helps balance the spicy salsa and gives people options depending on how much heat they can handle in their food. If you can, try garnishing the dips with a fresh cannabis leaf to make it look pretty.

Canna Quinoa Salad

Although a green salad sounds light and refreshing on a hot day, you run the risk of having wilted, soggy leaves when it’s time to eat. Instead, swap it out for a quinoa salad with some veggies that will still be good even in the heat. Stick to the recipe or get creative and add more veggies, different herbs or put your own spin on the light, lemony dressing.

TELL US, what is your favorite thing to bring to a picnic?

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