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5 Articles to Send Your Canna-Curious Mom This Mother’s Day

Canna-curious Mom Mother's Day
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5 Articles to Send Your Canna-Curious Mom This Mother’s Day

Has your mom expressed an interest in cannabis or hemp but hasn’t quite crossed over into acceptance? Perhaps these articles will help.

This Mother’s Day you may be forced to celebrate mom from afar again due to COVID-19. Since you’ve likely been keeping in touch a bit more than usual, maybe it’s time to dive into normally uncharted territory. Why not spice up that phone or video chat conversation by bringing up cannabis?

We’ve curated these articles to be suited to a mother’s interests: A gift guide of mom-approved hemp products, tips for a mother who may be new to cannabis but wants to know more, an interview with noted canna-chef and mother Nonna Marijuana, information about treating pets with cannabis and an overview of the topical application of medical marijuana. And if the mom in your life isn’t new to the plant consider having some flowers delivered…you know the kind we mean.

Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Oil
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READ: Top Hemp and CBD Gifts for Mother’s Day

Along with premium, best-in class CBD products, this list also features fun hemp-related products along with ideas for incorporating the benefits of CBD into a memorable Mother’s Day. From waking up on Sunday morning, to falling asleep at night, the mom in your life will be feeling the love.

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READ: 5 Basic Tips for New Cannabis Users

It’s important to have some sort of clue about what direction to go in when heading into unfamiliar territory, whether it’s first-timers or folks who haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in their favorite plant for quite awhile. Whatever the circumstance, it’s clear that there are a lot of new and returning users who aren’t educated about some basic ways to keep themselves and others from having overwhelming and unpleasant experiences. 

Nonna Marijuana
PHOTO Yoshi Taima

READ: Mama Mia: Cannabis Now Talks with Nonna Marijuana

Aurora Leveroni is the high priestess of pot cuisine. The 92-year-old Italian grandmother, better known as “Nonna Marijuana,” charmed the cannabis community with her appearance in the debut episode of Munchies’ “Bong Appetit” series when she showed how she prepared classic Italian dishes, but replaced traditional fats with marijuana-infused butter and oil.

A puppy and kitty nuzzle each other as they experience a pain free life thanks to CBD's.
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READ: Cannabis Pet Meds: The Next Frontier in Veterinary Medicine

For many mothers, pets are extremely important and their health and safety is crucial. Another way to introduce your mom to cannabis is through pet medicine. This article conveys firsthand experiences of owners treating their pets with cannabis medicine for the first time.

topicals for seniors

READ: Topicals: The Real Gateway Drug for Senior Citizens

More and more seniors are coming to cannabis for the first time via topicals, perhaps most often to treat arthritis. Since those who might be averse to getting high from smoking or eating cannabis are often not intimidated by using a non-psychoactive cannabis balm, topicals offer a way to discover the healing properties of cannabis while eliminating the fear of getting too buzzed.

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