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RECIPE: Melted Brie and Infused Apple Butter Baguette


RECIPE: Melted Brie and Infused Apple Butter Baguette

The recipe harnesses the flavors of late summer and early autumn for a satisfying and stimulating snack.

Summer warmth begins to rapidly decline each day as the seasons begin to shift again. With fall already fast approaching, cooler summer nights can cause one to experience cravings for warm comfort foods. One thing I grew up with (and looked forward to during the rapidly cooling season) is apple butter.

This delicious spread pairs well with a multitude of sweet, spicy, and citrusy cannabis strains, making it a very versatile ingredient for cooking. This recipe is more designed around items you may already have in the house: It’s a quick fix for moments when you crave warmth and comfort.

Mise en place

• 1 small (6-inch) freshly baked French baguette
• 3-4 tablespoons artisan apple butter
• 3 slices brie cheese
• 1 tbs cannabutter


Step 1: Cut the baguette down the middle to the size you want and then cut length wise to yield two halves. Spread 1 tbs cannabutter on the bottom of the baguette.

Step 2: Spread the apple butter on the top and bottom of the baguette.

Step 3: Cut 3 medium sized slices from a brie wheel and place on top of the apple cannabutter on the bottom half. Feel free to either leave the rind on or cut the rind off of the cheese. Many people are 50/50 in regards to the rind of this cheese, they either like it or don’t want to have anything to do with it. Do a taste test if you have never tried this cheese before and then decide if you want to leave it on or take it off. I prefer to leave it on as I like the taste and aesthetics that the rind offers.

Step 4: Place the both baguettes open face on a dark non-stick pan under a broiler for 4 minutes or until the cheese melts. Pull from the oven and place both halves to make a baguette sandwich. Enjoy with your favorite cup of tea for a body warming treat!

Strain Substitutions

I would recommend any strains whose terpenes reflect sweet, spicy, or citrus flavor profiles. Pick the most pleasing strain that you can find for this dish. Vanilla Kush, Agent Orange, and Burmese Kush would be ideal strains to choose from. Be creative, follow your nose/taste buds, and have fun with it!


If the strain you choose has a THC content tests around 20 percent, then 20 percent of 1,000 mg would be 200 mg per gram. Sub the number of your THC percentage and do the math to figure out your desired dosage per tablespoon for your cannabis butter. Adjust the dosage accordingly to your personal preferences.

what’s your favorite cheese to eat with fruit?

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