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Recipe: BLT & THC Sandwich

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Recipe: BLT & THC Sandwich

No other sandwich announces the arrival of summer quite like the BLT — a classic combination of smokey bacon, juicy tomatoes and crisp lettuce on toasted bread. With the infusion of cannabis you’ve got a BLT with THC on your hands — call it a BLTHC. Or don’t, but definitely treat yourself to this delicious, medicated take on a summertime classic.

Making a sandwich is all about the ingredients, and while the list of major players in the BLT — contained within its acronym name — is short, it’s also long on flavor and texture, specifically crispness, which features in nearly every ingredient, from the bacon and lettuce to the toasted bread.

The rich, vibrant flavors of a BLT are as warm and bright as a summer day, and when you add the mind expanding, sensory enhancing benefits of cannabinoids to the mix, you have the makings of a supremely gratifying treat for a sunny day by the pool, an afternoon at the beach or just a lazy summer Sunday at your home.

But if you want to add cannabis to your BLT, then you need to decide which part of your sandwich you want to medicate — and there’s at least two options; the bread and the bacon.

The Bread

Medicating the bread in a BLT is as easy as whipping up a batch of cannabutter or oil. Once you have that key ingredient in hand, it’s as simple as spreading some inside both sides of the bread or drizzling it as needed to achieve your desired level of medication.

The classic choice for a BLT is white bread, and if yo go that route consider using “Texas Toast,” which offers a thicker slice, more surface area for toasty crisp and a sturdier platform for your sandwich stacking. That said, you can always call on additional flavor and texture notes by pulling in non-traditional breads — how about some sour dough or pumpernickel? You could even make a BLT sub using a Dutch Crunch roll — the possibilities are practically inexhaustible.

The Bacon

Medicating your bacon is a little trickier than medicating your bread, but with the addition of oven-crisped, cannabis infused bacon, your sandwich will be smoking in more ways than one.

Your options include candied bacon, for a distinctly sweet take on a classic BLT. You could make it yourself, but you could also source your medicated bacon from a pro like W0nko, which specializes in this sort of thing.

If you do decide to make your own medicated bacon, it’s a matter of oven crisping it in a pan lined with pre-decarboxylated cannabis shake. That or following a recipe for candied bacon with medicated butter.

When it comes to your lettuce and tomato, always opt for the freshest, crispest (or juiciest for tomatoes) specimens when you’re sourcing your ingredients. The success of a BLT is all about the balance of crispiness in each ingredient, so freshness is key in everything including the toasted bread, which should still be warm when the sandwich is served or eaten.

You also don’t have to use pork bacon — there’s a wide variety of bacon products you can use, including turkey, beef and vegetable-based options.


• 4 slices of bread (whatever kind you like)

• Fresh lettuce leaves (iceberg is traditional but whatever suits your fancy)

• 1 ripe, firm sliced tomato

• 10 strips of bacon (cooked crispy for a traditional BLT, but however you like it)

Cannabutter or oil to taste/desired level of medication

• Mayonnaise to taste

Additional ingredient options:

The BLT doesn’t call on too many ingredients, which leaves plenty of room for additions and experimentation. Why not add some avocado instead of or in addition to mayonnaise? How about some extra meat — maybe something from the ocean like shrimp, crab or lobster? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

TELL US, what’s your favorite sandwich?

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