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How to Grow Blue Dream at Home

how to grow blue dream strain
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How to Grow Blue Dream at Home

When you ask a cultivator what the easiest strain is to grow for first-time cannabis growers, their answer is usually Blue Dream. Here is Cannabis Now’s basic guide for growing Blue Dream at home. Happy planting!

Blue Dream is one of America’s favorite strains. This sativa-dominant breed packs a high-THC punch, and it does this without getting the user buzzed-up to the point of being non-functional. The strain, which was developed in California, found its way to mainstream success for its ability to alter moods and spin creativity, while also providing a calming sense of euphoria. It is a hit with both the recreational and medical sectors, as it is versatile enough to be considered medicine for those suffering from a variety of conditions ranging from depression to PTSD and a source for good times. It’s also quite easy to cultivate once you learn how to grow Blue Dream at home, which only increases the popularity of the strain.

Some of the latest data shows that tens of millions of dollars are spent on Blue Dream every year in legal states. So, it stands to reason, with most of these jurisdictions allowing home cultivation in some form or fashion, cannabis consumers are curious as to how they might go about growing this strain in the comforts of their personal space. Fortunately, Cannabis Now is dedicated to helping aspiring green thumb gods recognize their talents and forge their way to high and healthy yields.

Blue Dream Is Easy to Grow — And It’ll Grow Tall

Even a first-time grower can experience solid results when growing Blue Dream. This strain has such a fighting desire to touch the sky that it is almost impossible to sabotage the process. But it is important to understand a few things about this plant before getting started. Blue Dream grows tall — plants can hit the 4-to-6 foot mark without much effort at all. It will flourish in both indoor and outdoor conditions, as long as it is protected from extreme weather conditions. For the sake of this article, we are going to focus on cultivating a single plant indoors. This way even those would-be cannabis growers living in areas of prohibition can still dabble in the fun of home cultivation.

Getting Started: Buying Seeds (Or Clones, If You Can)

If you live in a state where growing cannabis is legal, then it is easiest to purchase a Blue Dream clone from your local dispensary. There are plenty of pros and cons to growing from seed or clone, but first-time growers usually prefer the speed and relative simplicity of growing from clones. However, if you don’t have access to clones, seeds are your only other option.

It is always best to go with newer seeds, so it is not advised to try your newfound cultivation project with seed that has been hanging around for years. In states that have legalized cannabis, individuals can track down seeds at farmer’s markets or through some retail dispensaries. Buying online is also an option — perhaps the most convenient if living in a prohibition state, but it is important to clarify that buying seeds online is still technically against the law.

Germinate Seeds And Get Under Light Source

Before you can plant your seed, you must first germinate the seed. To do this, grab a moist paper towel and a plastic sandwich bag. Drop the seed (or seeds) in the middle of the damp paper towel, fold it over a couple of times and stick it in the sandwich bag. Some experienced growers recommend first sprinkling the seed with an organic root booster called Mycorrhizal. This provides the plant with nutrients it doesn’t get growing indoors.

Once the seed is in the bag, it needs to be stored in a dark and warm place. Leave it alone for around three days. By then, the seed should be ready to be transferred to soil. This part is still relatively easy. Just grab a plastic cup (one for every seed), poke a few holes in the bottom and fill with soil. Some suggested brands are Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, Espona Organic Potting Mix and Roots Organic.

From there, add a pinch of root booster and drop in the seed. Cover it and put it under a 100-Watt Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) light bulb. Better yet, get a full spectrum light. These are a solid investment for single plant grows. Both of these items can be purchased at a place like Home Depot and Lowe’s. They are inexpensive — and they work really well.

Crucial Growing Information and Tips

Temperature: Blue Dream is comfortable in the same climate as most humans. It flourishes in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light: Keep under light for most of the day, from 18-24 hours, during this first stage. This is called the vegetative state and is when the plant grows in size. A light timer is useful in achieving accuracy.

Ventilation: Treat your plant to some air circulation! Although the lights we discussed above do not get extremely hot, ventilation is still important to the grow process. This can be achieved with a small tabletop fan.

Odor Control: Blue Dream has a fruity fragrance — sort of like blueberry, so it does not produce an intense aroma. Plus, one plant is not going to cause a stink with the neighbors.

Water: Keep soil wet. When watering, make sure a pool of water forms at the top of the soil. If the plant starts to droop throughout the growing process, it needs more water. If the soil is dry when put to the touch test, it needs more water. But overwatering is bad, too. A solid rule is not to water cannabis any more than any other plant. Treat it like a tomato.

Nutrients: This strain has a ravenous appetite. It requires heavy nitrogen feedings. Advanced Nutrients has some highly revered products. A Google search can help turn up others.

Staking: In order to keep the plant in an upright position, staking is necessary. There are a variety of staking schemes out there, but the primary mission is to keep the plant straight and support the branches.

Transplant: Around the 30-day mark, it will be necessary to transfer your Blue Dream plant to a larger (5-gallon) pot.

Flower Time: The second growing stage, the flowering stage, is triggered when the plant starts getting 12 hours of light and 12 hours uninterrupted darkness. Once the flowering stage is triggered, the plant will likely grow by about a third of its size, so take your space into consideration when changing the light cycle. Blue Dream’s average flowering time is 9-to-10 weeks. It might start slow and get more aggressive throughout the grow cycle.

Harvest: Watch the sugar-like resin glands on the buds. Once around half of them go from white to cloudy, it’s harvest time. Although this process might seem like a lot to take in, remember: Blue Dream is a very forgiving strain. So, while it is absolutely possible to get scientific throughout the grow process, it is not necessary. This plant will allow the grower to make plenty of mistakes and still grow to maturity. Blue Dream typically produces 4-to-6 ounces per plant.

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