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Solstice Strains for Summer

Summer Solstice Strains Cannabis Now
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Solstice Strains for Summer

Enjoy all the activities of the summer months with these uplifting strains.

It’s officially summer! Whether you’re taking time off from a busy college schedule or carving out extra time around your busy work schedule, this is when socializing is at an all-time high. That means it’s time to get out in the sunshine with some sativas that will keep you in a good mood without making you feel tired, sluggish or sleepy. For people preparing for festivals, nights out dancing, activity-packed vacations or just a lazy weekend at the house, this list of uplifting strains can help keep you in good spirits while you take on a day of back-to-back plans.

Sour Diesel

Need a mood boost? This gassy, diesel strain is a feel good smoke for people who need some relief from body aches, depression and stress. It’s energizing, euphoric sativa that will help you feel relaxed without leaving you feeling drained and ready for a nap.

Super Lemon Haze

Just like the name suggests, this strain has a robust citrus smell and sparkling, zesty flavor. It has a bright, smooth buzz that creeps up on you and leaves you feeling easy-going with a nice, little energy boost that will keep you ready for what’s next.

Candy Jack

If you need a quick attitude adjustment, this is a good strain to get rid of an unpleasant, sour mood. It’s a ideal choice for anyone who loves skunky, aromatic weed with heavy flavor. And it’s is also great for helping with a lack of appetite, so prepare for a case of the munchies to follow.

Strawberry Cough

Sweet, fruity and full of berry flavor, this sativa can help with social anxiety and depression. You might start feeling giggly and goofy as tension starts to melt away and the euphoria starts to set in, making it perfect for a night out at a comedy club or at home watching a funny movie.

Durban Poison

This is a good strain if you have a day full of activities planned where you’ll need to be present, social and upbeat while you’re out. It’s also useful if you need to focus and stay on task during a productive day at the office.

Red Congolese

Fans of waking and baking or those with plans earlier in the day (brunch, anyone?) will appreciate this uplifting strain that can help with nausea and cramps while keeping you feeling clear and focused. This might also be good for late night plans where you need a little help keeping your energy up.


Relax and relieve some stress without feeling weighed down with this powerful hybrid that is known to come on slow and strong. Long-lasting and calming, try this strain out when you need to cut through anxiety or steady your mood before going out to enjoy yourself.

Golden Goat

You’ll feel this flavorful strain all over but will still be able to get up and get out to do whatever you’ve got planned for the day. It’s a pleasant, balancing buzz that won’t sneak up on you and steal your energy.


Jack Herer and G13 Haze make up this potent sativa hybrid that will make you feel cheerful, creative and carefree. It’s a stimulating strain that kicks in quickly and pleasantly lingers with its heavy cerebral buzz. Keep in mind, though, if you overdo it, you might be left a little more stoney than planned.


Deep greens and shades of purple make this sweet, fruity look just as good as it tastes. The high is hits heavy but you’ll be left feeling dreamy, floaty and very happy. It’s a potent strain, so first-timers and people with low tolerances should tread lightly.

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1 Comment

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    June 22, 2017 at 1:23 am

    I’m in Alabama and I love your Web site….

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