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Indica Kicks off 4/20 in Style

Indica Bus on Streets on 4/20
Photo by Gracie Malley/Photo Editor

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Indica Kicks off 4/20 in Style

With only a few days remaining until every cannabis lover’s favorite and most sacred holiday, the excitement is reaching fever pitch – especially in states like Colorado where massive public events are scheduled to take place. From industry mavens descending upon Denver for the BIG Industry Show, where glass, vape and smoking accessories took center stage to noticeable spike in hotel bookings around 4/20, it’s clear that the surge of interest in cannabis in not going to be slowing down any time soon.

According to reports, bookings are up by 60 percent and Colorado has gone from the nineteenth most popular state to visit to the fourteenth in just two years. Colorado Cannabis Tours has already helped book rooms upwards of 1,000 eager tourists and has also signed up hundreds of people for bus tours.

Many companies have been taking advantage of the understandable build up of buzz surrounding this grand time of celebration by offering their own services as well. Cannabis encyclopedia website Leafly teamed up with Indica to give people the ultimate experience with their VIP party busses. In the video, you can see the sleek bus gliding down the lit-up Denver streets, 4/20 enthusiasts enjoying the Indica Noir vaporizer and even a quick shot of rapper Fat Joe talking at the company’s booth.

Denver’s 4/20 event weekend begins on April 18th in Civic Center Park and will continue on for three days.

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