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Luckiest Strains for St. Patrick’s Day

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Luckiest Strains for St. Patrick’s Day

Although St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a legal holiday in the U.S., many still celebrate the day with parades, lots of drinking and copious amounts of green clothing.

Most cannabis lovers indulge in something green all year round – not just on St. Patrick’s Day. However, March is the time of year when everyone else joins in on celebrating everything green from emerald colored beverages to evergreen decorations and accessories. Regions all over the world participate in this cultural and religious holiday also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick. Argentina, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea and other countries all observe the day in their own way.

Whether you choose to go all out with a full leprechaun costume and Irish accent or decide to play it low key at home, the following strains will definitely put you in the holiday spirit. Grab the shamrock rolling papers and check out our suggestions.

Green Haze

You’ll feel talkative, chill and ready for a round of snacks after enjoying this sativa. The buzz is both energizing and hazy with a woodsy, fruity smell. Potent and borderline psychedelic, this is a good way to start off a day packed with activities.

Pot of Gold

Indulge in some much-needed relaxation with a stoney indica strain that won second place in a past Cannabis Cup. It’s dank and sticky with a sweet flavor profile combined with hashy undertones. Be prepared for a happily lazy time: this strain comes on fast and settles in deep, making it a perfect pain reliever.

Lucky Charms

Similar to the sugary breakfast cereal it shares a name with, this hybrid strain is covered all over with a coat of crystalline resin thanks to its parents: The White and Appalachia. Lucky Charms is a good pick for reducing anxiety thanks to its calming effects. Smokers who prefer strains with a sweet taste will appreciate the berry and citrus flavors.

Emerald OG

Dealing with migraines or insomnia when all you want to do it celebrate? Try this cross between Fire OG and Emerald Diesel for a tranquil and soothing buzz. It’s lemony, citrusy taste yields a strong, pungent smell that reveals its earthy and balancing qualities.


Although indicas are known for resulting in major couchlock and body stone, Goldberry will leave you feeling focused, happy and even a little uplifted thanks to its hybrid qualities. This strain is known for its luscious buds, fruity smell and yummy blueberry flavor.

After you take a few hits of your favorite St. Patty’s Day strain, check out this clip from Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood.

What strain would you recommend for St. Patrick’s Day? Tell us below!

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