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Sasquatch Glass

A topdown view of a unique pipe created by Sasquatch Glass.
PHOTO Gracie Malley for Cannabis Now


Sasquatch Glass

The party bus is filled with smoke. Dabs have been going off for hours while the bus drives around downtown Denver. As a passenger, I have no idea where we’re headed and frankly, I could care less. The Dab Bus has hosted my ride after the glass blowers’ convention where I spent the day and the concentrates are amazing.

At this very moment the bus is parked in front of the convention center. We’re all gathered in a semi-circle when the host emerges from the front portion of the bus. He presents the glass rig we are about to smoke out as if it’s a fine wine: “This is Sasquatch Glass from Seattle.”

Sasquatch Glass pieces are immediately recognizable. All pieces, which include glassware and decorative art alongside bongs, pipes and rigs, come printed with the company’s symbol: a large footprint of the fabled beast. When a Sasquatch piece showed up at the Cannabis Now Magazine headquarters the men in the mailroom joked with us that they knew what had arrived. Sure, the box was just the right size for a bong, but the only true indication of its contents was the red beast’s foot placed on the otherwise discrete packaging.

The marijuana movement, Sasquatch co-founder Spencer Ward said, is gaining popularity in all sectors.

“It’s been counter-culture thus far and it’s turning into culture,” he said.

A good example of the Sasquatch design element is shown in the Bee Hive bubbler. The piece utilizes an inverted beaker base and a diffuser downstem to deliver smooth, clean hits. When not in use the piece rests in a branded glass base. The bubbler is especially fun for the percolating water sound it produces when it hits. The Sherlock design also contributes to the bubbler’s overall classic feel.

With events such as Oscar parties and various red carpet affairs, Sasquatch is making a name for itself in promoting tasteful, handcrafted glass pieces smokers can put on display, rather than hide away.

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