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Xternal Cannabis-Infused Mud Mask: Using Topical Cannabis

An open container full of Xternal’s infused mud mask.


Xternal Cannabis-Infused Mud Mask: Using Topical Cannabis

There is more to Xternal’s mud mask than meets the eye. This powerful cannabis-infused cosmetic has a relaxing herbal aroma and with the help of bentonite clay and eucalyptus oil (tea tree) it not only draws toxins out of the skin, tightens and firms, but also relieves acne breakouts.

The mud mask is gentle, firming and soothing. Red irritated skin is visibly calmed after use and the cannabis may be responsible for much of the positive effects of the mask. While there aren’t many studies on topical applications of cannabis, topically applied THC has been shown to reduce skin inflammation.

Anecdotal reports from legal dispensaries have shown cannabis to be powerful for external use when treating skin rashes and tumors. Topically applied cannabis will not get the user “high” nor will it turn up in a users blood or urine, meaning they could pass a drug test while using a topical cannabis application.

“It is pretty fascinating and kind of mind blowing, the effects from the topicals, in terms of pain relief and resolving certain kinds of damage,” says Clint Werner, author ofMarijuana: Gateway to Health.”

Werner says he uses Xternal products to treat his psoriasis, an autoimmune disorder that expresses itself through painful visual skin irritation.

“In terms of resolving certain kinds of damage, or possibly rashes, it seems that the cannabinoids and probably the other compounds like the terpenes and flavinoids seem to have healing effects outside the body in sort of similar ways that they do inside,” Werner said. “A lot of the damage and trauma to skin is from some of the same problems that underlie disease processes for the major degenerative illnesses, which is why a lot of this just is interesting because this is what cannabinoids address really. So much disease, both internal and external, seems to be a manifestation of inflammation that is out of control, oxidated damage and immune dysfunction.”

Werner says the products work so quickly they test his ability to do what they are doing.

“It is quite amazing that it works so effectively and so quickly for so many things,” he concludes.

Cynthia Johnson, community leader with NORML Women’s Alliance of Los Angeles says she has thrown out all her “straight products” and now uses Xternal topical cannabis products exclusively as part of her “cosmetics regimen.” Johnson is also a founding member of the Brownie Mary Democratic Club of Los Angeles.

Johnson says she uses Xternal Mud Mask to tighten her skin and the Xternal cream and balm daily. She says she has had carcinomas around her lip and nose removed and that daily use of the balm helped minimize the appearance of those scars. Johnson also believes the topical ointments have prevented the carcinomas from returning.

In addition to the mask, cream and balm, Xternal also makes cannabis-infused rubs and bath soaks.

“When I put it on it immediately looks like I have been in the sun for an hour, it makes my skin look healthy and fresh,” says Johnson. “It does more than just moisturize, it perks up the skin and makes it feel more fresh and alive.”

Xternal’s reputation has quickly made it a must-have for patients experiencing any sort of skin irritation or pain.

“I think Xternal products are probably the most important discovery I have made other than marijuana itself for various kinds of healing,” Johnson said.

Do you use cannabis as a topical? Let us know in the comments below.

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