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A Cannador box, a take on cigar humidors for cannabis, sites on a white table next to a cup of coffee and magazines.



Newbies and occasional tokers might not understand the importance of properly storing marijuana, but everyone can agree that nobody likes dry, flavorless buds that have lost their oomph. There are a number of factors that contribute to a pleasant smoking experience and freshness definitely rates high on the list of importance.

That’s where Cannador comes in. At first sight, the sleek, walnut and cherry wood container may seem a little fancy for the casual smoker who isn’t ready to invest in the preservation of their marijuana. But, it’s a dream come true for routine smokers and connoisseurs who are ready to ditch the Ziploc bags and generic glass jars for a more sophisticated storing system.

Modeled after the traditional cigar humidor, the Cannador is an airtight humidification box carefully designed to preserve the quality and relative humidity (RH) of buds and is incredibly simple to use. The solid mahogany interior houses a series of perforated cans where cannabis can be stored in a dark, humidity-controlled environment. The Humidity Bead System maintains a constant rate of 65 percent RH by consistently absorbing and releasing humidity as necessary.

The Cannador comes in two different sizes: the five-can configuration that also features room to store marijuana and a six-can configuration without the extra storage space. The large cans are able to hold up to a quarter ounce of cannabis and the smaller ones can hold up to an eighth.

When we tried the Cannador, we were impressed by how easy it was to use. One of our favorite things about the classy case was the beveled edge that kept the odor inside of the unit, which allows for discreet storage. We dipped a quarter of the humidity bead case into water, attached it to the magnetic strip on the top of the case and closed the lid to allow the magic to happen.

When we opened the Cannador, the buds were still moist and full of flavor. They maintained their color, freshness and stickiness. And, of course, they burned deliciously.

For cannabis lovers who are looking to upgrade the way they store their stash, this storage system is not only posh, but also practical.

Click here to purchase / $179-$199

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