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EXCLUSIVE: Mike Tyson Never Runs Out of Weed: ‘No Matter Where I’m at, I’m Stoned’

Mike Tyson with Shai Ramsahai, President of Royal Queen Seeds. PHOTOS Dabsel Adams

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EXCLUSIVE: Mike Tyson Never Runs Out of Weed: ‘No Matter Where I’m at, I’m Stoned’

Iron Mike attended CHAMPS in Las Vegas to promote his new Tyson 2.0 collab with Royal Queen Seeds.

Mike Tyson will go down in history as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Earning the moniker of “the Baddest Man on the Planet,” no one was as fearless as Tyson when he got inside that boxing ring. From 1985 to 2005, Iron Mike’s knockout power led the two-time heavyweight world champion to 44 stoppages out of his 50.

Now, the 57-year-old is bringing that same energy into the cannabis industry with his Tyson 2.0 brand and his new collaboration with Royal Queen Seeds (RQS), one of the world’s biggest and most well-respected cannabis seed banks. RQS has set a global standard of excellence when it comes to cannabis genetic development. The company made it their mission to share their passion for cannabis with one goal in mind: delivering the best genetics to eager home growers. The aptly named RQS x Tyson collab promises to “unleash several new rounds of knockout genetics.”

NYC Sour D is one of six cultivars from the RQS x Tyson partnership.

RQS x Tyson Promises Knockout Genetics

The story goes: When Tyson was in the prime of his career, he used cannabis as a tool to relax his body and focus his mind. The healing plant not only helped him reach new heights, but also improved his life both mentally and physically. Cannabis provided Tyson with the relief he needed to endure such a strenuous sport.

A firm believer in how cannabis can transform lives for the better, Tyson went on to launch his own cannabis line called Tyson 2.0. With CEO Adam Wilks at the helm, they’ve made it their mission to provide high-quality cannabis products known for purity, precision and accessibility. The brand’s full-spectrum fresh flower, concentrates and consumables come at an affordable price point and can be found at retailers across the US.

Tyson now wants to share the power in the flower with the entire world, as he expands globally with RQS. The RQS x Tyson collab brings unique cannabis seeds to market, starting with the launch of six cultivars in 2024: Gelato 44, Dynamite Diesel, NYC Sour D, GOAT’lato Auto, Punch Pie and Corkscrew Auto. Fans can expect 12 additional strains during their three-year partnership.

This is more than just another item to purchase on the market: This is the mark of an entire cultural movement, allowing consumers to rely not only on weed at dispensaries, but also readily obtain all the necessities needed to grow their own cannabis plants at home.

RQS x Tyson event at CHAMPS
Mike Tyson’s appearance at Royal Queen Seeds’ booth was a knock out success.

The Champ at CHAMPS

On Thursday, February 15, Tyson made a guest appearance at Royal Queen Seeds’ booth at CHAMPS in Las Vegas, one of the biggest cannabis trade shows. For those who aren’t familiar, CHAMPS serves as the premier B2B trade show for the smoke shop and cannabis industry, featuring all the best brands across categories such as glass, vapes, CBD and more.

CHAMPS ran from February 14-17, hot on the heels of the hype of city’s Super Bowl weekend. As usual, the turnout for the event was incredible, with vendors taking over the entire first and second floors of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Celebrity sightings other than Mike Tyson included Seth Rogan, Nicky Jam, Trailer Park Boys and many more.

When it came time for Tyson’s arrival at the RQS booth to promote the launch of RQS x Tyson, I was ready and excited to chat with him for a second time. The first time was the launch of his first weed company in Los Angeles a few years back. It was on the red carpet, so I didn’t get much of his attention.

This time, thanks to Adam and RQS President Shai Ramsahai, I was approved to ask him three questions—and couldn’t wait to find out about his cannabis consumption. The most pressing question first: how much he smokes in a day? “All day every day,” Tyson says.

Of course, this is to be expected from stoners. But an even greater answer arrived when I asked his threshold for running out of weed. “I’ve never done that before,” Tyson tells me. Not only does he never run out of weed, but he adds, “No matter where I’m at, I’m stoned.”

Lastly, I had to get Tyson’s take on what he thinks is the biggest issue currently facing the cannabis industry. Tyson responds, “Allowing it to be legal so we can trade all over the world. We can grow all over the world, all through the Caribbean and it’ll be free. No crime or crossing countries, it’s just ridiculous.”

After a slight pause, he adds, “Federal legalization, that’s what I want.”

Who’s going to argue with the champ?

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