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Puffco Peak Pro: Updated Dab Rig Promises More Bang For Your Buck

man using Puffco Peak Pro
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Puffco Peak Pro: Updated Dab Rig Promises More Bang For Your Buck

A beloved device by dabbers of all types gets a serious upgrade befitting of the unprecedented hype.

For fans of dabbing, Puffco has been a pillar of the community since launching their very first product, a fillable wax pen called the Puffco classic, in 2013. The vape pen allowed for a discreet yet satisfying concentrate experience. But the introduction of the Peak in early 2018 revolutionized the game – the “smart rig” offered a full dab without the need for a blowtorch or banger. 

Puffco’s Peak took the cannabis world by storm, developing a cult-like following that has become increasingly widespread with the fandom currently reaching a fever pitch (winners of the Emerald Cup in 2019 were awarded custom Peaks, demonstrating how coveted the gadgets truly are).

The release of version 2.0, the Peak Pro, sent followers into a frenzy this past fall, constituting the biggest drop ever for Puffco — and for good reason. The new device is full of fantastic updates and new features resulting in a masterpiece completely worthy of its $399.99 price tag. From an improved atomizer to customizable heat settings, to an immersive carb cap, the Peak Pro is truly the new gold standard in dabbing. 

Sleek Aesthetics Make Impactful First Impression

Out of the box, the Puffco Peak Pro certainly pleases the eye. The overall look is similar in nature to the original Peak but with a sexier brushed metal finish and a slimmer glass head (don’t worry, custom glass from the Peak still fits on the Pro base). 

The power/control button is also changed for the better, as it is more pronounced and easier to manipulate than the previous iteration. The new mouthpiece and tool backpack (part of the Travel Pack, sold separately) are also improved upon, as they’re more ergonomically designed and functional than version 1.0.

The included Peak Pro Carrying Case, which houses the unit, was also vastly improved. It takes up less space, has a slick handle, and features a magnetized closure to keep your device and its accessories safe and sound. 

Peak Pro Hits Hard, But in a Good Way

The initial reaction to actually using the new Peak Pro was that hits are even smoother and more intense than the Peak itself. This probably has something to do with the new atomizer, which provides a more even heat distribution throughout the bowl than the previous version. A heating element electronically warms the bowl to the user’s preferred temperature in mere moments. The chamber then remains in constant communication with the device in order to maintain the proper temperature throughout the session, resulting in a consistent yet powerful dab. 

One great improvement on the Peak Pro atomizer is the way in which it connects to the device itself. The previous version screwed in while the updated one locks in with a simple half twist, preventing issues especially before and after cleaning. 

Oculus Carb Cab Offers Peak Users A Unique Peek 

One popular feature of the Peak Pro is the contemporary Oculus carb cap, which has an integrated window in order for consumers to get up close and personal with their concentrations mid-hit. The flat cap has a tiny slit to control airflow and is connected to the atomizer via a tether, ensuring it stays put regardless if it’s on or off. Custom carb caps are compatible with the new chamber as well, but the Oculus is truly all you need.

Puffco Peak Pro Carb Cap

While this detail may seem minor in comparison with the oodles of other neat things about the Peak Pro, the new Oculus carb cap is one of the Puffco team’s favorite updates and is considered an important part of the overall device experience.

Digital Dabbing Takes Peak Pro to Next Level

Arguably the most impressive component of the Peak Pro is its user customization abilities via the corresponding smartphone app. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the app allows consumers to name their device and create unique sessions with personalized temperature, length, and LED color settings (this writer favors her “Steady Vibin’” sesh, maxing out at 505 degrees Fahrenheit for 37 seconds).

Users can track their daily dabs, as well as all-time hit count. Create a curated light show in the “Lantern” mode or turn on “Stealth” mode to kill the lights for a more discreet dab. “Ready” mode allows you to choose your favorite heat setting to begin when the Peak Pro is removed from the charging dock.

The Peak Pro charging dock (sold separately) is another game-changer for Puffco, as it eliminates the terrible waiting game one must play while patiently wondering when their device will have enough juice for just one more dab. Using Qi-integrated technology, the Peak Pro fits snugly onto the circular base and can be used as it charges. The dock doubles as a portable energy bank, meaning you can plug in your phone or 510 battery via its USB input.

The Peak Pro can also be used in an analog manner — it comes with four pre-set temperature settings, just like the original Peak, and can be plugged in via an included USB-C charger. No smartphone or base is required, but they certainly enhance the device’s capabilities!

An Update Worthy of the Hype

For those who are wondering if the Peak Pro lives up to the incredible amount of hype it has received, the answer is a resounding yes. In addition to a litany of party tricks sure to astound any stoner, the device is also good at what it’s meant to do: offer a consistent and fully customizable concentrate experience to consumers of all types. 

The Peak Pro is the holy grail of dabbing thanks to its unmatched quality and ingenuity, and while it may seem like the team at Puffco has outdone themselves, they promise there’s only more to come.

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