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Product Review: Roll-Uh-Bowl

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Product Review: Roll-Uh-Bowl

Imagine a bong that breaks down into a fully self-contained wallet and springs to action whenever needed. Roll-Uh-Bowl is that bong. Made of healthcare grade American-made silicon, the Roll-Uh-Bowl is completely collapsible and is held together with its downstem and anodized alloy bowl via a plastic band when not in use. Smoking out of the silicone piece is novel and fun and, because of its material, is easy to clean. The downstem has spring-loaded action for cashing out dusted bowls and flipping the bowl around allows space for a 10mm nail. The Roll-Uh-Bowl will never shatter like a glass bong and is great outdoor companion for all types of cannabis aficionados.

Click here to purchase | $35

Originally published in issue 11 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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