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Strain Review: Critical Mass

Strain Critical Mass in Plant Form
Photo by Julien Deniau

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Strain Review: Critical Mass

Every cannabis hot spot in the world has unique strains, either because the strains are hard to obtain outside of that geographical location or because they have proliferated there. In Barcelona, that strain is Critical Mass and it’s both unique to its location and grown by everyone there.

Critical Mass to the Spanish smoker is akin to Blue Dream to the American smoker, Amnesia Haze to the Dutch smoker or Purple Kush to the Canadian smoker; it’s everywhere and most vets are tired of it, but this does not mean that the strain is not of the highest caliber, nor should it not top the list of the cannabis connoisseur.

Upon first hit, the Critical Mass explodes with a limey musk that really is not common in strains in North America anymore. This first hit makes it obvious one has embarked on the Chronic of Spain.

The high provided by the Critical Mass is no joke either. Critical Mass provides a sativa-reminiscent floaty head high, accompanied by an old school bout of munchies that really makes this indica-leaning hybrid express the most of a hybrid; she grows like an indica with the effects of a sativa.

Critical Mass is beautiful when finished, with dense, bright green, crystalline buds; these dried flowers really are a treat to the eyes. The smell brings back old school memories of Northern Lights; this may have to do with the parents used in the cross as both Northern Lights and Critical Mass have a shared lineage thanks to Shanitbaba and Neville. The first whiff will bring any cannabis veteran back to a time of yesteryear, long gone due to federal raids and the hostile market take over that the OG Kush family has done to the cannabis industry in North America.

Critical Mass is extremely easy to grow and provides an abundance of dank flavored nuggetry in less than eight weeks of flower. It can handle just about any nutrient regimen and will produce a number of bud sites if properly trained. She enjoys a higher amount of magnesium, which seems to be in the water over there, and produces very thick buds with a high resin/crystal content starting early in flower.

This strain, while not really skunky in smell, stinks to high heaven. A carbon filter is highly recommended if masking smell is a priority. One can easily expect yields over 1.5 pounds per 1000 watts of light and outside yields will be similar to Blue Dream: astronomical.

The best way to obtain this strain outside of Barcelona would be to use one of the many Spanish seed companies that breed with her. Most likely any seed run will provide something similar as the noticeable traits in Critical Mass dominate its crosses, leading most of the offspring to be highly leaning towards the Critical Mass.

Genetic Background: Afghani x Skunk #1
Breeder: Shantibaba/Neville
Flower Time: 45 to 55 days

Originally published in issue 11 of Cannabis Now Magazine by Victor Vega.

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