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Dispensary Profile: Euflora

Photos Gracie Malley


Dispensary Profile: Euflora

Located along the 16th Street Mall in Denver, Colo., Euflora sells cannabis from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. All one needs to explore the array of marijuana and infused edibles is enough cash and an ID to prove that they are 21 or older. Taboos erased, cannabis is bought and sold over the counter for those who would like to partake.

The dispensary is purely recreational — unlike others in the state that are both medical and recreational — and caters to many curious and often shy tourists thanks to its location. Upon entering the wide, bright floor space the first thing to notice is the touchscreen tablets placed near each strain. The touchscreens provide brief descriptions and notes on effects of each type of marijuana. The strains are showcased in jars for smelling and ogling the herb sold by the gram. A gram is $20, and with a 22 percent tax, comes out at $24.22.

“We’re the Walgreens of cannabis, man, a one stop shop,” budtender Kiefer Salazar says of Euflora’s selection, which sells pipes and papers alongside the tourist mainstays of souvenir hats and T-shirts.


Legally purchasing marijuana in downtown Denver is an incredibly easy and uplifting experience. Euflora goes “sushi style,” offering a menu to fill out and present at the counter. The budtenders wander the room answering questions and offering recommendations. 

The Jilly Bean, a sativa, smells of citrus and pine and results in a thoughtful, creative high. The indica-dominant Ultra Sonja smells both cheezy and fruity and works well for pain.

Euflora is convenient in its central location, but there are a wide range of other recreational dispensaries that dot the Centennial State. To purchase marijuana at a shop front in America is an exquisite liberty, one that must be exercised freely. There’s no doubt that the approval of adult use cannabis by voters in Oregon and Alaska last November ushered in a new era of unprecedented cannabis freedom. Now four states have entered the American cannabis policy showground and will be compared by the systems they put in place to provide marijuana to the masses.

In 1820 Thomas Jefferson wrote, “the boisterous sea of liberty is never without a wave. ” Let’s continue to ride the wave of cannabis emancipation in states across the nation all the way to the halls of Congress.

(303) 534-6255
401 16th Street Mall
Denver, CO 80202

Originally published in issue 13 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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