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ONGROK: A Cleaner, Quieter Herbal Infusion Machine

ONGROK botanical infuser


ONGROK: A Cleaner, Quieter Herbal Infusion Machine

Smell that? Not with this small batch infuser. ONGROK creates an easier way to make edibles without the smell, mess or sound.

Gone are the days of infused butters and oils that take up chunks of time and leave an uprooted kitchen in its wake. The ONGROK Botanical Infuser Machine is compact and takes up minimal space on the counter, allowing the ability to work around it—while it works for you. The ONGROK Butter Infuser is an affordable machine and comes with the many accessories you will need, as well as an infused cookbook, which helps take your extractions to the next level. Feel this machine’s magic with the simple press of a button as you easily create custom edibles and topicals at any desired potency. 

The unboxing in itself was a satisfying experience. I pulled out the sleek orange and black machine, set up the butter molds and the ultra-durable filters, and set aside the silicone gloves. ONGROK’s packaging and included materials show the company’s desire to create an easy, pleasurable experience for the consumer. 

As I took the products into consideration, I became aligned with the straightforwardness at which the infusion process would take place. Decarbing my flower was the only step I had to take before using the ONGROK. They’ve just launched a Decarboxylator Machine, which I look forward to getting my hands on.

Thankfully, if you haven’t made your own edibles in the past, the ONGROK Butter Machine comes with a manual that breaks down the decarboxylation process for you. Once my flower was ready to go, I referenced the Infused Cookbook to help calculate the dosage I was looking for. Now it was time to choose my oil and begin cooking.  

Butter Time: The Process

I decided to go with an infused cannabis butter knowing that once the infusion process was completed, I would have the option to add it into many recipes, or use it as a spread. Set up really is as easy as plugging in the infuser. After adding the ingredients to the machine, we simply pressed the “butter button” and set the temperature. As the ONGROK Infuser Machine starts to blend the herb into the butter, there are spurts of sound that remind me of a blender set to low—but it’s not too noisy as to be distracting. I walked away and continued on with my day as my butter had its herbal soak. 

It was nice that it was quiet. It was also extremely convenient not having to monitor the process or do anything further with the edibles while it worked. However, the most noticeable difference was the smell. There was none. During the two-hour duration I continued to move over to the machine and take deep inhales, expecting to fill my nostrils with the pungent smell that covered the room during decarboxylation. However, I was met with a clean smell lacking anything distinguishable. I am very thankful that I wouldn’t have to worry about any lingering odors while making my edibles.

Two hours later and I am left with a fully blended butter. I pulled on the ONGROK silicone gloves and readied the filter bag. The gloves are a great addition to the infusion kit, adding safety to the end process. There was no need to worry about burns as I poured the hot oil into the butter mold. The filters and easy pour spout on the machine make it so that there’s hardly any mess, and you don’t lose any product. I recommend squeezing the filter to ensure the saturated flower is rid of any of the oil. After letting the butter chill for a few hours, I easily popped out a beautiful stick and was ready to try it out. The experience from start to finish went as smooth as…well, butter. 

Clean In Seconds

Once the butter was stored in the refrigerator, I examined the machine to assess the cleanup. It was a breeze—cleaning up was as easy as making the edibles. Add a bit of water and squirt of soap and press the clean button on the machine. It really was that simple. 

All of the accessories that come with the Botanical Infuser, including the filter bags, are dishwasher safe. I threw the gloves, filter bag and butter mold into the dishwasher. Within a little over two hours, I had edibles made, and my kitchen cleaned. 

From start to finish, ONGROK showed the dedication this Canadian company has to giving the consumer a safe, affordable and simplified way to make their own edibles. ONGROK offers a full line-up of modern accessories to help consumers store, prepare, and consume. From Grinders, Smell Proof Wallets, Storage Jars, to Infusers, their offer provides several solutions for consumers to enhance their experience. 

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