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Custom-Made Water Bongs by Prism

interchangeable water bong
The Prism water bong is interchangeable, enabling you to mix and match components--it also makes cleaning a breeze. PHOTO Shelby Nelson


Custom-Made Water Bongs by Prism

Prism water pipes are fully customizable, easy to clean, interchangeable, travel-ready, and replaceable if a piece breaks.

Ever wanted a bong that solves all your bong problems? Well, Prism Water Pipes has that exact bong for you. They’ve designed a modular bong that easily twists apart and is held together with thread connectors making for a super tight and secure seal. Why is this epic? Well, a bong that comes apart is extremely easy to clean—no more having to rig together a toothbrush and Q-tips for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots. You’ll never have a dirty bong again.

Prism bongs are also easy to store and travel with, so now you can take your bong on a hike or wherever your travels take you. Lastly, it’s fully customizable and interchangeable, so you can mix and match an array of different glass types, glass colors and glass decals into your personalized setup.

Designing Your Own Prism Bong

Prism custom bong builder

So, how do you design one of these must-have Prism setups? Well, they have the only online 3D Custom Bong Builder on the market. If they were already cool, their coolness factor just grew ten-fold. With this 3D Bong Builder, you can mix and match any of their glass and decal options to visualize your own custom piece from every angle before purchasing it. Try out different combinations until you land on just the right one. These endless design options enable you to create a piece that you truly love seeing on your shelf and using as your daily driver.

The glass options come in three different style mouthpieces in short and tall straight necks with ice pinches and a bent neck for dabs. They also have four styles of percolators: twelve and seven stem tree percolators, and small and large showerhead percolators. There are also five styles of bases with your standard beaker: percolated beaker, small and large honeycomb base, and a kline incycler base. All of these types of glass come in thirteen different colors. If that’s not crazy enough, you can then add custom decal designs to all glass types by artists such as Prettydone and Kickstep. These designs range from trippy mushrooms, flowers and aliens, to skeleton cowboys and mountain landscapes.

Lastly, because of the modularity, you can build your setup as short or as tall as you want. If you want a small bong for a morning sesh, just use a mouthpiece and a base. If you want a massive bong to hit with your friends, then simply add a few percolators in there and you’ll have a 3-foot-tall bong! The options are endless with Prism’s custom modular design.

The Cannabis Now team tested out a Prism setup and is reporting that, overall, Prism Water Pipes are easy to use and a very good value. Continue reading for the full review.

First Impressions

Desert Dream'n water pipe
From the new Desert Dream’n Collection. PHOTO Courtesy of Prism

We first noticed the size of the bong’s pieces, along with how beautiful the colored glass is. The overall size of the bong is large, but it’s by no means obnoxious. The colored mouthpiece and artwork designs are flawless. Upon opening the package, it was clear that the piece was made with care and of high-quality materials. It felt sturdy and secure. We first noticed the size of the bong’s pieces, along with how beautiful the colored glass is. We got a tall mouthpiece, tree perc, and percolated beaker base and when fully assembled, the overall size of the bong is large, but it’s by no means obnoxious. The colored mouthpiece and artwork designs are flawless. Upon opening the package, it was clear the piece was made with care and of high-quality borosilicate. It felt sturdy and secure.

A Closer Look

PHOTO Shelby Nelson

The Prism Water Pipe is made of three parts, with threaded pieces called “Halos” used to screw the different pieces together. These Halos come in all different colors to go with whatever design you choose. For our custom design, we chose a clear beaker-style base with a built-in grape jolly percolator. The middle piece is also a tree style percolator with an artist’s design of your choice. We chose a fun abstract pop art design by Pretty Done. The top piece is the mouthpiece and is the grape jolly color. Lastly, the 18mm bowl is a transparent pink lemonade color with lots of room to pack a fat bowl

The Prism in Action

Prism custom water bong
Jayde testing out her custom-designed Prism water pipe. PHOTO Shelby Nelson

The Prism bong is extremely user friendly. Just use the Prism Halo connectors to screw the entire piece together, and it’s ready to go. We used Piece Water when smoking out of the bong to keep the water cleaner for longer and to reduce any resin buildup. These water pipes are 100% daily drivers, but they’re also appealing to the cannabis connoisseur. The pieces are easy to assemble and don’t require any former knowledge or additional instructions to use.

Prism Water Pipes are a great investment overall. The prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of the product combined with the ability to make it completely custom. The glass is of high quality and very durable and cleaning is so easy since you can disassemble the entire piece giving you more time to relax and enjoy your smoke sesh.

Supporting The Arts

custom water bong
PHOTO Courtesy of Prism

Prism has teamed up with many talented graphic artists to bring you some epic decal designs. Artists include Pretty Done, Enzy, Kickstep, and Doodles by Meg. The new Desert Dreamin’ collection by just dropped on Prism’s online store and features Southwestern-inspired designs that will make you want to get lost in nature.

Prism releases new decals four to six times per year, working with artists from all over the world. When selecting an artist, they look for vector-style artists that have designs trending in current art and fashion trends.

A World of Opportunities

Prism was created with the desire to open up a world of opportunities around bong modifications, modularity and customization. As the company website states, “In this ever-changing world, nobody wants to be stuck with one option. Convenience is key, and your water pipe should be as unique as you are.”

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