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Product Review: Haze Vaporizer


Product Review: Haze Vaporizer

The thrill of this vaporizer starts with its shape. Grooved to rest easily within the palm of the hand, it’s reminiscent of a flask, but its contents hold better than any flask could hold – sweet, sweet sensimilla and wax. That’s right, the Haze, which made news late last month as it was featured in the giveaway bags for Oscar nominees, has dual chambers for vaporizing both flower and concentrate.

As far as marijuana vape pen culture goes, the Haze is a total trip that will take you on a trip.  Any of the Haze cannabis strains – originating from the Haze brothers’ Santa Cruz surf culture of love in the 1970s – would pair well for a vape round in this piece. Treat yourself to Green House Seed Company’s Super Lemon Haze in the Haze. Now we’re getting meta. This vaporizer comes with both a glass and stainless steel mouthpiece, but the glass is our choice for ensuring your top-shelf vaped chronic tastes as amazing as it makes you feel.

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This vaporizer is a great accessory piece that makes traveling with herb a trip that’s bordering on cliché, meaning vaping with the Haze is more about the journey than the destination. Dreaming of combining that Dutch Purple Haze with an old school California classic like California Orange in the dual flower chambers of the Haze is the straight-up stuff real cannabis dreams are made of.

Click here to purchase | $249.99

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