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Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Cannabis Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gift Guide

February is the month to celebrate all things loving and lovely with your sweetheart, family members and close friends. Some people like treats they can eat, others prefer presents they can wear. Whether the person you’re showing your love for likes novelty gifts or leans towards more functional favors, you can use this list to help brainstorm some cannabis gift ideas. If you were paying attention, you may have caught a few hints being dropped. But, if you missed them, this will definitely help you before the day arrives.


Marijuana Leaf Leggings Miss Mary Jane CoMiss Mary Jane Co. Clothing, Jewelry + Accessories

Coax your loved one out of their comfort outfit of yoga pants and hoodie with a shiny, new pair of marijuana print tights and cool sweatshirt from Miss Mary Jane Co. This company specializes in all things cannabis and cutesy for the lady stoner in your life. The company also sells pretty pipes.




Weed Magnetic Poetry Valentine's DayWeed Magnetic Poetry

Challenge someone to channel their inner poet with this magnetic poetry set full of weedy text. This fun, light-hearted gift is good for friends and other people who don’t need or expect sentimental gifts. The set comes with 72 tiles and includes words like toke, joint, stoned, light up, doobie and bong.




Cannabis Chocolate Bar Kiva Confections Valentines DayKiva Chocolate Bars
$10 – $20

Keep it classic but add a little twist with cannabis-infused chocolates and sweets. Kiva Confections makes decadent chocolate bars that come in different flavors like mint Irish cream, milk chocolate and blackberry dark chocolate. The bar comes in two strengths of either 60 or 180 mg of THC and breaks easily into bite-sized pieces. Check our dispensary listings to see if there’s a location near you where you can purchase it.




Weed Bouquet Valentine's DayBud Bouquet

There’s nothing like a few nugs of a great strain to make someone happy — but since it’s a special occasion, try dressing it up a bit. Use real buds still attached to the stem or try hemp to arrange a nice bouquet seen here. Flowers are a staple V-Day gift, but this kind of bouquet will be unforgettable.

Bouquet by Plum Sage Flowers in Denver. Photo by Morgan Rachel Levy.




Cannabis Leaf 420 Watch

Blue & Cream 420 Timepiece

Gentlemen who enjoy ganja will appreciate this sleek, classy watch by Blue & Cream. The fancy, limited edition timepiece was inspired by Rolex and features cannabis leaves at the 4:20 mark on its large face. Choose from green/black or green/white color schemes.




Brilliant Ideas I Had While Stoned NotebookStoned Notebook

This handy, little notebook is a good choice for the mastermind stoner in your life who comes up with an endless amount of ideas after they smoke. Give them the perfect place to jot down all of their plans, schemes and stoner daydreams to save for later.




Indica Noir Discreet Device Indica Noir

Give the gift of convenience with this small, discreet device designed to vape flowers whenever you need it.  Users are allowed to control the temperature using a clickable button to control the settings. With hours of battery power, it’s a good asset for any smoker.




Cannabis Now Magazine Subscription Valentine's Day420 Singles Dating Site

Valentine’s Day might be the perfect opportunity for single people to put themselves out there in the dating world using this smoker friendly dating platform. If you’re low on money, share this article with a friend in need — perhaps accompanied by a joint and a subscription to CNM — and keep your fingers crossed as they scour the site for dates.




Foria Pleasure THC LubricantForia Pleasure
$44 – $88 (only available in CA and CO)

We’re all adults here, right? Intimate times call for, well, intimate measures and Foria has you covered. This marijuana-infused personal lubricant is not a subtle gift and should be given with care and discretion to that special someone who will either appreciate it or hopefully use it with you. Resist the urge to purchase this gift in hopes of getting a hint across — definitely not classy.




Cannabis Trimmers GiftTrim Station

Cultivators and their helpers will appreciate this helpful accessory that makes trimming cannabis a breeze. It solves a lot of common problems with its multi-compartment design that allows trimmers to keep all of the right gear within arm’s reach. Plus, it helps eliminate leafy messes by giving trimmers a place for both untrimmed buds and the finished product.




Cooking with cannabis recipes Valentine's DayDinner & Dessert

There’s really nothing that can compare to the sentiment behind taking the time to prepare a delicious, thoughtful, home-cooked meal for someone you love. Unless, of course, you’re cooking with canna-butter or oil. Go for something savory like canna-glazed ham or Morrocan Mazar lamb. Vegetarians can opt for creamy butternut squash risotto or medicated mac and cheese. For dessert, try baking marbled brownie bars or go all out with a hazelnut bundt cake with Nutella whipped cream.

Have you done your shopping yet? What are you going to buy your loved one? Tell us in the comments.

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