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Hylo by White Rhino


Hylo by White Rhino

When we’re busy in the office, sometimes the days are measured in how long it takes the light on the vape to go from blinking to solid and ready to go. The Hylo by White Rhino was plugged in for mere moments before it was all set to be tested for quality. Quick to the draw, this piece did the job, delivering smooth hits of the Super Lemon Haze found in the Cannabis Now Budvault.

Hitting the Hylo was incredibly easy and enjoyable. Once the flower chamber was filled with the choice cannabis selection, we restored the mouthpiece and clicked the button three times. Just like that — like Dorothy clicking her ruby heels thrice — the office became the Emerald City, all ganja green.

This model comes with all the accessories one has come to expect from a solid brand. The double-sided dab tool is sleek and useful with both sides utilized for varying purposes. Whether you’re scooping out the stickiest wax or decarboxylating ice water hash on parchment paper, this tool will come in handy for enjoying the wide selection of flowers and concentrates the world over. The vape itself is also lightweight and comes with a cool stand for storing upright when not in use. While we’re into embracing both aspects of its name, the Hylo left us feeling much more high than low – this vape’s a great stoney selection.  White Rhino knows its stuff.

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