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Pax Era Ups Its Game



Pax Era Ups Its Game

Pax has consistently been at the top of vapes, but they are constantly improving.

When it comes to vape pens, it’s very challenging to beat the Pax Era. These small hand-held vapes consistently deliver quality puffs of vapor that allow consumers to taste the essence of the concentrate in such a way that it’s worth investing in concentrate pods from some of the esteemed companies PAX partners with. We’re talking about companies such as Blue River and Gold Seal, which craft strain-specific offerings that would be rare gems in any smoking circle let alone a vape pen.

Now the folks at Pax have upped their game further with the Era Pro. With the Pro, the vape pen automatically sets the optimal temperature. That means the offerings such as the Alien OG Hybrid from Brite Labs tastes like it should, with a hint of sweet pine. The new features of the Era Pro also include even more control through a Pax app that allows users to manage their own flavor and vapor output. And, talk about top-of-the-line vape technology, these vapes can even be locked to prevent access from unwanted entities whether they be a child or just a roommate who never seems to contribute to the stash fund. 

These pens are sleek and discreet, but maybe more important than that, they truly deliver on flavor and are recommended for the elite vapers among us.

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