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AirVape Revolutionizes Cannabis Consumption

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AirVape Revolutionizes Cannabis Consumption

At the pinnacle of portable vaping lies AirVape’s innovative designs, eco-friendly materials and unmatched functionality. Discover how this luxury brand redefines cannabis consumption with cutting-edge technology and user-centric features.

You can’t talk about cannabis without giving the vape a fair mention. Over the last few years portable vaporizers have made a name for themselves in the cannabis world, and they’ve certainly earned a rightful place in the “most loved” category when it comes to the myriad of ways one can consume the mighty plant. No one could have imagined the shape vapes would take down the road. However, a few brainy cannabis lovers with a vision for the future believed the current vaporizers on the market held a lot of untapped potential.

Included in this group is Roland Szegi, the founder of AirVape. As an early fan of portable weed vaporizers, Szegi couldn’t help but notice some major flaws in design and functionality. Among these flaws were bulkiness, user difficulty and lack of aesthetic. Lucky for us, AirVape has taken portable vaporizers to another level. These sleek, high tech, self-regulating, versatile, dry-herb and wax vaporizers embody everything that the early dreamers envisioned.

The Apollo Team

The team behind AirVape is referred to as Apollo. A group of co-founders and cannabis pros started Apollo in 2013 looking to revolutionize the dry herb vaporizer space and create affordable, luxury products with bold electronic design elements. They began at just the right moment in time; cannabis vaporizers were beginning to make a splash in the market as a convenient method of smoking that’s easier on the lungs.

Apollo released its first AirVape in the spring of 2015. Then came the AirVape XS in 2016, the AirVape X in 2017, the AirVape XS Go in 2019. Last but not least, the AirVape Legacy Pro hit the streets in 2022. With each new model, the Apollo team stretched the limits of possibility.

Apollo also made a commitment to sustainability in 2021. They began packaging with recyclable materials like bamboo; created a special edition Legacy Pro vaporizer where a portion of the proceeds was given to One Tree Planted; and they also started a “recycle your vape” program. But they didn’t stop there. Next, they set their sights on incorporating technology such as long-lasting batteries and self-regulated heating systems. Throughout their journey, Apollo has stayed true to their promise, “We will never cease to innovate.” 

Let’s Talk About Vape Tech

What do we mean when we say “high-tech?” This isn’t some nod to the days of the “totally tubular” or “righteous brother” catch phrases that could literally mean anything. AirVape’s vaporizers include a variety of design aspects that utilize quality technology. So, here are some specs that are elevating AirVape to “best portable vaporizer” status:

1 – Precision Temperature Control: AirVape has several dry-herb vaporizers with easy-to-use temperature control buttons. The up-arrow button raises the heat, and the down-arrow button lowers it. We love a self-explanatory feature. The temperature ranges from 212 degrees to 445 degrees, starting and capping at optimal air vaporizing temperatures so that you never have to worry if it will be too hot or too cold.

2 – Fast Heating Times: These vaporizers heat up and cool down in no time. Once you set your optimal temperature, the device will automatically heat to that temperature once turned on. Just count to three and your device will be fully heated and ready to use.

3 – Customizable Settings: For those of us who are super particular about our temperatures, AirVape makes setting customized temps easy. You prefer 356 degrees over 350? No problem. Just use the arrows to find your perfect temperature. A few products like the AirVape Legacy Pro have pre-set modes for flower and wax vaporizing. This way, you can easily navigate to the proper temps for whatever input you prefer.

It’s All About You

The biggest concern for the folks over at AirVape is the user experience. From packaging to design to settings, this portable vaporizer is made with you in mind. They’ve created a product that looks good, is highly functional and fits in with your lifestyle. Not to mention that each vape comes with replacement filters, a charging cable and a cleaning kit. It’s created for seasoned cannabis enjoyers and beginners alike.

AirVape is not simply a vape company—it’s a lifestyle brand dedicated to elevating your experience. Do you prefer wax or flower? Low temp or high temp? Little hits or long pulls? Are you a nighttime partaker or a daytime enjoyer? Sativa or indica? You name it, this vaporizer can do it. With over 120 five star reviews, it’s clear that the customers are impressed with this product.

Speaking of reviews, keep reading to find out exactly how we feel about AirVape’s Legacy Pro.

The Air Vape Legacy Pro: Let’s Talk Details

Let’s start from the outside and work our way in. The Legacy Pro is packaged with precision in a swanky, navy blue, bamboo-based box with gold lettering. It feels like you’re about to open pandora’s box of secrets or lay eyes on a new Range Rover. You open the box to find a plethora of replacement parts, sweetly branded stickers and cleaning tools, highlighting attention to detail and product care.

Also included in your box is a little sheet with a QR code. When scanned, you are led directly to the user guide, which includes detailed directions on the set up and care of your Legacy Pro, along with how-to videos and diagrams pointing out the various technologies and elements. Having a paperless set up guide helps the Apollo/AirVape team stay committed to sustainability.

The device is pretty straightforward, you place grinded flower into the designated chamber or use the “wax filter” to set your wax, close the chamber, press the on button three times and it’s ready to go. The temperature mode screen even greets you when it turns on and off with a friendly “ciao.” You can’t help but say “ciao” right back. You can choose one of the vapes pre-set modes or use the up and down arrows to find your baseline temperature. We set ours to 350 for dry herb.

The immediate effect that the portable vaporizer has once taking a puff allows for a more subtle, gradual experience. Since you feel the cannabis right away, it’s easy to determine if you want a bit more or are good to go. We also appreciated the quick ware off rate. Unlike intaking cannabis in edible or joint form, the Legacy Pro tends to facilitate a lighter effect that doesn’t last for hours. The chamber and release of the air vaporizer allows more flavor to pass through, which means every hit tastes great. An added bonus is that there isn’t a strong lingering cannabis smell—it’s gone as quickly as your worries! Did we mention it looks like a beautiful remote that will open the doors to the luxury spa hiding behind your living room wall? Well, it does.

What’s Next For This Luxury Vape Company?

Thought that the technology couldn’t get any better? Think again. AirVape has recently developed an electric desktop hookah called Shisha. This portable hookah vaporizer is made of zinc alloy coating and ceramic chambers, can be used without being plugged in, and has an LED temperature indicator. Plus, the Legacy Pro is getting an upgrade this summer. New specs include an updated heating technology with even faster heat up times.

Looking to own an “everything in one” portable vaporizer that looks good in your hand, is easier on the lungs, tastes delicious and has technology that does all the heavy lifting for you? AirVape has it, and you can get 25% off simply because you’re reading this article. The code is CN25OFF.

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