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Hälsa Botanicals: Harnessing Plant Power

Halsa Botanicals CBD Glow Serum
Photos courtesy of Hälsa Botanicals


Hälsa Botanicals: Harnessing Plant Power

Luxury CBD skincare company, Hälsa Botanicals, is improving skin and changing the beauty game thanks to their nourishing and powerful, plant-based formulas.

Hälsa Botanicals is a luxury CBD skincare and tinctures company dedicated to harnessing the power of plants to promote natural wellness.

While the company is based in California, Founder and CEO Catherine Bander was attracted to the word “hälsa,” which is Swedish for “health” when branding the company. She wanted to incorporate the Swedish philosophy of using natural, organic ingredients – like plant extracts – with an emphasis on hydration, so the name was fitting.

Additionally, Hälsa Botanicals’ signature ingredient is Swedish twinflower oil, a member of the honeysuckle family known for its highly moisturizing effects. 

Every single product by Hälsa Botanicals is custom formulated with a variety of plant extracts and individual ingredients that offer very specific nourishing properties. Organic ingredients are used wherever possible, and all products are vegan, non-GMO and cruelty-free.

Backed with Integrity

Catherine Bander founded Hälsa Botanicals out of a desire to provide consumers with high-quality CBD products, made with plant-based ingredients. 

Prior to starting Hälsa, Bander was passionate about cannabis and invested in that space. After seeing how beneficial the cannabis plant can be for pain control, both internally and topically, Bander’s curiosity for hemp grew after the Hemp Bill passed in 2018. 

“When I did the research on what CBD does for the skin, it was almost too good to be true,” said Bander who was very well connected with a lot of beauty manufacturers at that time.  She was frustrated with the number of poor products being sold on the market and started researching steps for creating her own CBD skincare line. 

“What I wanted was a skincare line where the products would stand up for themselves without the CBD, and then we added CBD to the products,” she said. 

Bander also touched on the far too common problem of brands giving consumers bad information about what’s in their products. 

“So many players ran into the market to try and just hit on the excitement around CBD but didn’t really take time to put out good products,” she explained. “I wanted to bring a product line that actually contained the CBD that it said it did, using full spectrum, not an isolate. We want the full botanical power of hemp in all of our products.”

Hälsa’s CBD is sourced from domestically grown and extracted hemp, and all products are tested via third party labs for CBD potency and purity. 

“Increasingly people are looking for ‘clean’ and more natural beauty products,” said Diane Kuyoomjian, Hälsa’s Brand and Communications Director, adding that they are proud to be able to expand the selection of choices available to consumers. 

A Healthy Change for Beauty

Hälsa is achieving its mission of bringing CBD products that have integrity and values into the larger hemp marketplace. The products are helping improve people’s skin, and they are doing so in a sustainable, responsible way that prioritizes people and the planet

“We get testimonials from people where women of all ages write to us and say, ‘You changed my skin,’” said Bander in a phone interview, adding that women in particular spend a great deal of time looking for products to make them look or feel a certain way. 

“Hemp has such a big part in changing beauty,” she said.  “To be in the industry and represent hemp in the best possible light, which I think we do, is an incredible opportunity. And then, to be able to have the results of people saying, ‘You changed my skin’ – what an unbelievable gift.” 

Let’s take a look at what the customers are saying about Hälsa Botanicals.

Customer Testimonials:

“Hälsa Glow Face Serum is life changing! It’s great for sensitive skin and after only a few weeks, I see noticeable changes – less texture, and my sunspots are less visible.” — Skye, Fresno CA

“I love the Hälsa Glow serum so much. Just FaceTimed my boyfriend and he asked if I was wearing makeup because my skin looked so nice.” — Jordan, Seattle WA

“I struggle with dark spots after break outs. I love using Hälsa So Sensitive to help lighten dark spots.” — Maggie, Los Angeles CA

“Hälsa Dream Night Creme smells great and absorbs well. My skin looks healthy and refreshed. We run the heat constantly from October to April. It’s terrible for the skin, and during these months I need the extra moisturizing of ‘Dream.’” — Heidi, Mansfield OH

“The Breathe Masque is my selfcare go-to. It makes my skin soft and supple, and it smells divine.  In my desert climate, I really need the nourishment.” — Iliana, Mesa AZ

Visit to learn all about the products these customers are raving about. For a limited time, shoppers can save 40% off sitewide during their holiday sale, plus a free gift of EASE soothing muscle roller is included with any $60 purchase.  

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