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8 Post-Sesh Essentials for Freshening Up After You Smoke

Keep Fresh with These Post-Sesh Essentials
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8 Post-Sesh Essentials for Freshening Up After You Smoke

Practice safe sesh with these tips on looking — and smelling — sharp after you light up.  

If you’re at home or chilling with your buds, smelling and looking bright-eyed right after smoking probably isn’t your top priority. What’s a little skunk among friends? But if you’re forced out into the world immediately post-sesh, it might be something that crosses your radar. Let’s be honest, it is probably not the best idea to head back to work after a lunch break with the aroma of fresh blunt on your breath.

Whatever the reason, you’ll definitely need to keep a few things handy if you’re interested in looking sober. Check out these suggestions for starters and add your own items to suit your personal post-smoke needs.

1) Makeup Bag or Backpack

First things first, you need something to carry all of your essentials. You can keep your post-sesh materials in a little makeup bag, throw them in among the contents of your purse or backpack, tuck them away in the glove compartment or just bring a couple things in your pockets. You can grab something you already have hanging around the house, or you can look for scent-proof bags and purses like Stashlogix or Erbanna if you want to be super discreet.

2) Hand Sanitizer

If you’ve been smoking a joint or blunt, the reality is that your fingers and hands now smell like weed. Maybe you think you can’t really smell it unless you have your fingers right up under your nose, but no… it’s there. An unscented hand sanitizer can be a godsend when you are out and don’t have immediate access to soap and a sink. It’s quick, easy, convenient and it makes a difference in just a few seconds.

3) Breath Freshener

Whether you prefer gum, mints or breath spray, it’s imperative that you have something to help whisk away the smell and taste of smoke in your mouth — especially if you plan on having a conversation shortly after with someone you’d prefer not to notice the aroma. When you’re done smoking, have a glass of water to rinse out your mouth (because hydrating is important!) and then follow it up with your breath freshener. Go for something peppermint or spearmint as opposed to a fruity flavor so that the intensity can help knock out the smell.

4) Electrolytes

Life comes at you fast. One minute you’re perfectly fine and the next minute your mouth feels like the Sahara Desert. Electrolytes are key to helping your mouth restore its natural moisture. Drinks like coconut water or Gatorade are a good choice, because they are easy to find at gas stations and grocery stores in a bind. If you can’t get ahold of those options, you can also squeeze a bit of lemon into a glass of water for relief.

5) Lip Moisturizer

To restate the obvious, smoking can definitely zap moisture in the body, which explains such universally disliked occurrences as cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes. Unfortunately, your lips are just as prone to parching and having something to keep them luscious is the best way to keep to keep your lips from being on sandpaper status. Lip balms with coconut oil or cocoa butter are especially good at locking in moisture.

6) Scented Lotion

A hand moisturizer with a noticeable — but not overwhelming — fragrance can also help further mask or neutralize the smell of just-burned pot. Look for a travel size bottle and use it after hand sanitizer. If you suspect your hair also smells like weed (which, again, it probably does) then after you rub the lotion into your hands, you can run them through your hair to transfer some of the scent.

7) Eye Drops

Red, itchy eyes are awful, point blank. And to make matters worse, they can also lead to excessive rubbing, which can cause dark eye circles that make you look tired all the time — even when you haven’t smoked. It’s a good practice to use drops both before and after smoking for maximum effect. Find a brand that offers red-eye reduction and moisturizing in one bottle so that you can knock out both issues at once. If you’re totally opposed to putting things in your eyes, maybe opt for a pair of sunglasses when you feel the redness coming on.

8) CBD

Did you accidentally get a little higher than you meant to? Well, you can’t take it back, but you can help take the edge off and keep yourself from continuing to feel way too stoned with CBD. Find a high-CBD strain, tincture or vape that you can use to follow up your sesh. Skip the CBD edibles, though, because they will take much longer to be effective and won’t be much help at the moment you need it most.

TELL US, how do you spruce up after you smoke?

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