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Foolproof Recipes for a 420-Friendly Memorial Day BBQ

Six Recipes for a 420-Friendly Memorial Day BBQ
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Foolproof Recipes for a 420-Friendly Memorial Day BBQ

Enjoy your day off and really chill while you grill!

If you’re lucky, the weather is really starting to warm up where you are — which means summer is right around the corner. While the sun is beginning to stay out longer, it’s the perfect time to get outside in the sunshine to celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ. Whether you choose to stay at home in your own backyard and laze around with the family or go out to a park to do it big with a group of friends, having a few cannabis-infused recipes up your sleeve for the day is a must.

For the best results, consider only choosing one or two dishes to make so that everyone can responsibly have a good time without having to miss out on eating all of the good food that’s available. Also, make sure that you clearly mark which foods have cannabis in them and which ones don’t. If you’re a little savvy, you can also include how much THC or CBD people can expect in a serving. Otherwise, just let your guests know that they should take it slow, nibble and wait to see how they feel after an hour before proceeding.

Toasted Mac & Cheese

Everyone loves mac and cheese, so an infused version is even better. Though this recipe uses cheddar, swiss and mozzarella, you can choose your own cheesy combination or make things easy for yourself with a straight cheddar cheese masterpiece. You can also choose whether you want to add in the spinach as suggested just for something a little different or just leave it out altogether if you’re a mac and cheese purist.


Keep it easy with a classic go-to dessert that you can leave simple or take up a notch or two, depending on what mood you’re in. Get creative with some tasty spins on the standard brownies recipe by just adding in ingredients to switch up the flavor profile. Think: mocha brownies made with brewed coffee, s’mores brownies topped with gooey marshmallow or decadent salted caramel mixed straight into the batter.

Super Lemon Haze Guacamole

Chips are a go-to snack during barbecues when you need something to munch on before the good stuff is ready, so having some guac to pair with them is a good look. The recipe uses an uplifting, energizing strain that will be perfect for a fun-filled day of chilling and socializing with people. Just remind guests to be mindful of their dipping so they can comfortably enjoy the rest of the day.

Cannabis-Infused Pie Crust & Apple Pie

If Memorial Day is about remembering and honoring those who served in the armed forces, then it makes sense that a quintessentially American dessert like apple pie would make it onto the menu. Consider making more than one pie if you have lots of guests or cutting small slices so everyone gets to try it. It’s really just the pie crust that’s infused, so if you’re not an apple pie fan, you can easily swap the apples out and use the filling of your choice.

Chicken Caesar Salad

The magic in this recipe is in the dressing that is made with infused canna-oil. This means that you can choose to stick by the book and use it on a traditional chicken caesar salad or use the dressing for a dip or sauce for another dish. You can also use it in place of mayo on a burger, if you want to try something really different.

Pineapple Kush-Infused Beef Satay

This recipe is made for the grill and will satisfy the meat-lovers who want something besides run-of-the-mill fodder like hamburgers and hotdogs. It’s a nice balance of sweet and savory. that You could also grill these little kabobs up with veggies for an easy finger food. If you’re vegetarian or plan to have guests that are, you can swap out the beef for all veggies but still use the marinade for flavor.

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