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Chalice Cup 2014

The golden Chalice Cup of 2014 is filled with buds of the winning strain.
photo taylor kent

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Chalice Cup 2014

By Alaina Garcia

First pulling up to the first annual Chalice Cup, hosted by Hitman Glass, the vibe was pulsing strong and proud of the refinement of  the cannabis culture yet another step further. It was a competition for concentrates, edibles, glass, as well as an event celebrating the progress and evolution of cannabis use and enjoyment.

The vision of Chalice Cup came from the owner of Hitman Glass, Dougie Fresh. Fresh came from buying glass pipes and managing a head shop in Boston, Mass., to publishing a photo journal of 30 glass artists that all did their own renditions of chess pieces as pipes. He had been a festival attendee and vendor before having the wherewithal to put on a event such as the Chalice Cup.

Below are some of the reflections from the mind of Chalice Cup creator, Dougie Fresh.

Cannabis Now Magazine: How did you decide to do the Chalice Cup?

Dougie Fresh: Well, I just jumped in and swam. A lot of thought went into it but it got planned in 70 days. I learned a lot and I am really happy with the monumental sacrifice that needed to happen. The difference between attending a festival as an attendee or a vendor to actually putting on a festival was like changing the view from buying a bong and making one. I am really proud to have a company such as Hitman that is versatile and not a cookie-cutter company. People have come out of the woodwork to put their heart and soul to work with Hitman to pull off this festival. It wasn’t about the money, but the bigger picture. I definitely jumped into something bigger than I expected.

CNM: What are your plans for the future of Chalice Cup now that it was such a success on so many fronts?

DF: I see a bright future. I want to continue to see an atmosphere of vendors that want to be there. I truly think the vendors make or break an event and I am so grateful for the incredible turnout we had. It brought an energy that made you want to be there. Right now I am seeing a huge shift in glass types and I possibly want to do even more Chalice events annually with a more Burning Man art expo vibe.

CNM: So Dougie, where are you from and what is your sign? I am going to guess you as a Virgo based on your work ethic.

DF: (laughing) Yes, I am a Virgo! I am from the East Coast and now I live in LA. I was born in Boston, Mass. and lived in Harvard Square. I also moved to Lexington. I wouldn’t have Hitman Glass without living in Boston as the connections I made there from the available market there contrasted so differently from the LA scene.

CNM: How do you feel about the public view on a national level about cannabis?

DF: Awesome! More supportive than it’s ever been. I am concerned about the hash oil reputation. It’s not a new drug, it’s a developed hash. I hope the public can receive hash as it has for a refined hard alcohol or a fine wine.

CNM: Well after Panacea (Best Overall entry) was able to draw out the Blood Orange essence from Agent Orange, Tangie, Cali-O and Afwreck strains, it is a testimony to the potential of terpene flavors when they are in their purest forms.

DF: Yeah. I really want to elevate what you want to see at this event to a whole new level.

CNM: Thank you so much Dougie!

DF: Thank you. I really appreciate all the support.

2014 Chalice Cup Award Recipients:

Best Edible

  1. Sugar Rose Edibles-Watermelon Gummy Bear
  2. Edible Extracts-Honey Pops

Best Solvent

  1. Beehive Concentrations-Green Guava
  2. Green Thumb Danny-Legendary OG
  3. Cali Fire-SoCal Skywalker

Best Non-Solvent

  1. HGH Extractions-HGH Cookies X Goji OG
  2. Bizarre-Chem 4
  3. Vegan Buddha-Velvet OG

Highest THC

  1. SpoIled Patients Collective-Terp Sap

Best Overall

  1. Panacea-Blood Orange

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