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Cannabis Takes Front Stage at Mendocino County Farmers’ Market

A customer selects a clone for sale at the first Farmer's Market in CO to allow the sale of marijuana plants, seeds, and clones.
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Cannabis Takes Front Stage at Mendocino County Farmers’ Market

Healing Harvest Farms had their grand opening over Labor Day weekend by hosting a Farmers’ Market celebration at Area 101 in Laytonville, California. Collective owner Tim Blake produced the event for over 500 local and visiting attendees while non-profit cannabis group C.A.R.E. was on-site to provide event day support, including a shuttle service and parking support. The Healing Harvest Farmers’ Market embodied the spirit of the Emerald Triangle, featuring sungrown, organic medicinal cannabis, organic produce, local food, flowers, on-site massages, live entertainment and educational demos.

The event started at 2 p.m. and went well into the wee hours of the morning with many vendors and attendees bringing campers and tents to spend the night. There were many superstars in the cannabis community there. Seed vendors Aficionado brought their amazing genetics while Frenchy Cannoli offered demos of his dry sieve method and generously offered samples of his best organic pressed, solventless hash.

SubCool and Jill were there with quilts made out of t-shirts from their supporters that they auction off for charity. The Bud Sister’s were there with their organic relief salve. Gro Kashi instructed attendees on their handmade, multi-purpose and probiotic soil conditioner while Gage Green Genetics showcased their amazing organic cannabis that was grown using Gro Kashi. Kiona’s Farmacy was there advocating their motto ”Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” The Mendocino Cannabis Policy Council was also there, promoting new medical marijuana regulations for California.

Happy Day Farms provided a wide array of organic fruits and vegetables along with excellent organic cannabis.

“As farmers, we are asserting our fundamental American right to produce salable bounty from our lands,” Owner Casey O’Neil said. “Cannabis has a long human tradition that we are proud to carry on in a true Jeffersonian, small farmstead fashion.”

Live music was provided by Yukmouth, Green R Fieldz, Guerilla Takeover, Strawberry Smog and Gypsy Thorns.

Healing Harvest Farms was established because Tim Blake decided it was time to get back to the original idea of having a collective dispensary that represents the best of the outdoor, organic cannabis medicine in Mendocino County and the rest of the Emerald Triangle. A true community-based collective, Healing Harvest Farms serves local farmers and patients throughout the state of California. There is a real sense of community at Area 101 where the property where Healing Harvest Farms is located. Not everyone has the ability or desire to grow organic produce and cannabis, but having the option to purchase them locally is a practice that’s gaining popularity. Blake, the pioneer that he is, is bringing that possibility to his community.

The event was a stark contrast to the drama at the Los Angeles medical marijuana farmer’s market that launched on the 4th of July and was immediately shuttered by the city’s attorney Mike Feuer. C.A.R.E. will be lobbying the City of Los Angeles to get up to speed with Mendocino County and offer events like the Healing Harvest Farm’s Farmers’ Market to strengthen the community, provide education and acknowledge medical marijuana patients rights.

“We were blown away by how well-received our grand opening farmers’ market was. We signed up over 300 patients for Healing Harvest Farms and everyone had a memorable time,” Tim said. “It was important to provide a wide variety of vendors, including cannabis, produce, farming, wellness and new products. We were blown away by the feedback and will be hosting a monthly farmers’ market starting next spring.”

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