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6 Cannabis Strains For Your NFL Preseason

6 Cannabis Strains For NFL Preseason
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6 Cannabis Strains For Your NFL Preseason

This week, the NFL preseason officially began, and we’ve got the essential strains for some of the most hyped teams going into the official football season in September.

There’s nothing quite like the spirit of football season beginning. While the games don’t technically matter, fans of all teams enjoy getting their competitive energy out in the preseason. In the same way that cannabis cultivators and aficionados develop lots of theories of varying quality about the growing season ahead, football fans are now cementing their opinions about the touchdowns and tackles to come.

Since last year’s football season finished in February, the ability of NFL players to access marijuana — either recreationally or medicinally —  has remained restricted. For the fans, the legal cannabis landscape has remained mostly the same, except with the notable exception that the Super Bowl champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, now have a dispensary in town to go with their Lombardi trophy.

Here is a rundown of some of the most exciting strains on the market now, paired with some of the teams with the best access to cannabis.

Oakland Raiders: Lumpy’s Ben & Berry’s

The Las Vegas-bound Raiders would love to go on a run this season and end the team’s decades in California on a winning note. But no matter what happens, weed will still be legal in Vegas — and California — come September. Lumpy’s Ben & Berry’s is a fantastic strain to pair with the Raiders’ swan song. The strain’s beautiful purple hues are sure to bring back memories of the purps of the past, but the gassy edge on the nose will convince you otherwise for an enjoyable experience.

Los Angeles Rams: Cherry Do-Si-Dos

Los Angeles is all about that “new new” hype, and we think the Jungle Boys hit the nail on the head with their Cherry Do-Si-Dos #16 phenotype. While you’re definitely going to need a grinder to break up this sticky herb, Los Angeles Rams fans will be lining up around the block for this one, without a doubt.

Miami Dolphins: Mimosa

Nothing is more Miami than brunch, and pretty soon medical patients in Florida might be able to get dual mimosas at breakfast, featuring both flowers and orange juice! Unfortunately, the state of Florida continues to fight in court against the right of patients to access smokable cannabis, which means that the Mimosa might be in oil or edible form.

Denver Broncos: Ghost OG

The Denver Broncos will likely continue to look like a ghost of their former selves since Peyton Manning retired. But all in all, we expect things to continue to be doubly mile high for the Broncos, as those headie Denver kids continue to love their team and smoke large amounts of marijuana in the parking lot.

New England: Golden Goat

Golden Goat is obviously the perfect pairing for the New England Patriots, as they have their own Golden GOAT in Tom Brady. As he continues to build on all of his records, one has a sneaking suspicion that he’s using some pretty potent sativas between the 24 glasses of water he drinks every day, which aren’t even in a Dunkin Donuts cup — impressive for someone living in Boston.

Seattle Seahawks: Cookies & Cream

While every analyst and fan doesn’t have much faith in Seattle’s chances this year and the Legion of Boom (the Seahawks’ secondary line) is no more, there is still plenty of great pot in Seattle. We recommend treating yourself to some Cookies & Cream from Exotic Genetix. The cookies will provide a sweet releaf from the scoreboard, and the cream will be representative of the creaming happening on the field.

TELL US, what do you smoke when you watch football?

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