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Essential CBD Strains of 2018

Essential CBD Strains of 2018
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Essential CBD Strains of 2018

Here are four CBD strains, both new and old, that have dominated the CBD market this year.

The world of CBD continues to garner more and more attention, much of the time on the back of hemp-derived CBD extracts. However, it’s important to remember that the hype all started with full-spectrum extracts made from exceptional high-CBD cannabis.

People didn’t use extracts derived from industrial hemp to get the modern CBD movement going, and most would argue it was the success of strains like Charlotte’s Web and others we’ve listed below that started the recognition that cannabis can relieve severe forms of epilepsy, like Dravet’s Syndrome. Now that growers are focusing on breeding CBD back into the market, there are tons of amazing CBD flowers out there. In fact, some of the same people growing some of the planet’s best marijuana for THC have also got their hat in the ring on CBD.

Here is a snapshot of the time-honored strains that have backboned the CBD market. While these strains won’t get you as high as THC-heavy strains, they should have a variety of therapeutic effects.



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Bred by the legendary California cultivators at CRAFT, CBD OG is arguably the finest indoor CBD-heavy cannabis ever produced. It has taken home first place in the Northern California Cannabis Cup for the last five years in a row. Nothing else can scratch that reputation. According to CRAFT, the strain has a two-to-one CBD-to-THC ratio. You can also find CRAFT topping awards lists with their Super Lemon Haze, Sour Girl and Blueberry OG.



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The CBD marketplace was built on ACDC cuts. There are a bunch of ACBC varieties out there now, as it has been crossed with various other strains to get a variety of different cannabinoid ratios. Back in the earliest days of the CBD hype wave, ACDC’s 20-to-one ratio was thought to be nearly god-sent. However, as we learned more about the entourage effect, that belief changed. These days, three-to-one and five-to-one ratios are all the rage, with the high end much of the time being a 16-to-one ratio. Unfortunately, ACDC has been by far the most popular strain for CBD extracts and tinctures over the years, so very little flower actually makes it consumers anymore, likely due to the high demand from manufacturers.



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The folks at Resin Seeds argue Cannatonic helped kickoff the CBD revolution ten years ago, and it’s going to be pretty tough for anyone on the other side of the debate to claim otherwise. Year after year, Cannatonic has proven one of the most popular options for those that take their CBD via the traditional joint, bong or flower vaporizer. A decade after first appearing at Spannabis in 2008, Cannatonic is very much still part of the CBD conversation. Cannatonic’s offspring Dieseltonic has also taken home some cannabis cups.

Guava Jam


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This strain from Molecular Farms took home the top honor for CBD flower at the 2017 Emerald Cup. More impressively, it was the second year in a row the breeders took home the top prize for CBD flowers. And, most insane of all, Molecular Farms also won the top Emerald Cup prize in 2017 for their THC-heavy strain, Lemon Crush. In an interview with SFGate after the big win last year, they didn’t get into very much detail about what they were up to, but in their awards speech at Emerald Cup, they basically said they put a lot of fish in their soil. They also said they were using data-driven analytics to help understand the phenotypes they’re working with a bit better than the nose tests of yesteryear.

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