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Hot Marijuana Strain of the Week: Do-Si-Dos Puts New Spin on Cookies’ Essence


Hot Marijuana Strain of the Week: Do-Si-Dos Puts New Spin on Cookies’ Essence

Photo by Randi @DevilsLettucePh

Hot Marijuana Strain of the Week: Do-Si-Dos Puts New Spin on Cookies’ Essence

Sometimes it seems that the majority of a cannabis variety’s beauty and our enjoyment of it can be as much about the myth surrounding it, as its flavor or effect. Do-Si-Dos and its genetic whirlwind is one such strain.

In the era before the internet’s light-speed access to information, cannabis names carried a powerful, enticing aura of mystery and people would speak reverently of varieties like G-13, Bubblegum or Blueberry for years before perhaps ever actually sampling them (if ever). Those names were words of initiation between in-the-know canntelligentsia, they were lofty goals to be sought and attained.

Though the names have changed and the rate at which we learn about them has increased greatly, much of this is still true though just in a more saturated, quickly evolving way. Consider the Cookies and its many forms and variations — Girl Scout, Thin Mint, OGKB, Animal, Sherbert, Gelato and so forth. Each week seems to bring a new twist on that Cookies charm, the ceaselessly entrancing waltz of Durban, OG and Grand Daddy that slides across the palate like crushed purple velvet and leaves in a whiff of sharp, sassy fumes.

While many of the previously mentioned variants on the Cookies have a uniqueness about them, it could be argued that the best of them are those that most succinctly zero in on the essential characteristics of the strain — the distinct rich flavor and dense dark purple-green flowers that shimmer with silver trichomes.

Girl Scout Cookies’ Core

Archive Seeds‘ Do-Si-Dos captures that elemental Cookies essence succinctly, though one might argue that there is little to set it apart from its siblings as well. By incorporating his staple Face Off OG with the most prized of all Cookies cuttings, the OGKB, Archive breeder ThaDocta has achieved the archetypal Cookies in seed form. The look of the flowers hews along that well-travelled but still lovely path, with rich magenta crags and verdant thatches of green covered in an even snow-like smattering of glands. The rich aroma is as fecund as it is sweet, like a Sauternes wine, and the effect is of typical potency for the family as well — a punchy head rush that gives way to a gentle blissed/spaced-out state of mind.

The greatest appeal to Do-Si-Dos may well indeed be its consistency, as it offers the cultivator outside an area of high cannabis tolerance like California, Colorado or Washington with no access to a large gene pool to have a plant that incorporates all of the best characteristics of its mother, the original Cookies. This alone has secured the Do-Si-Dos its place in not just the proud lineage of its family but also in flowering rooms and dispensary menus for a long time to come.

  • Lineage: OGKB x Face Off OG
  • Indica/sativa: 50/50
  • Flowering time: 9 week
  • Potency: 13-1
  • 6% d9THC/18-22% THCA

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