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The Best Strains to Celebrate Springtime

springtime strains
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The Best Strains to Celebrate Springtime

This season is the perfect opportunity to enjoy all types of flowers.

For the average person, images of sunshine, rainbows, blossoming flowers and lots of green grass usually come to mind whenever it’s springtime. But for people who like to smoke, it’s another excuse to combine to the best of both worlds and indulge in some season-inspired sessions. When it comes to spring smoking, it’s nice to reach for strains that are energizing and uplifting to match the boost in the weather if the sun is out where you live and go for calming strains that help you unwind in the evening to mellow out the hyperactivity of the day.

If you like going on the hunt for strains, keep an eye out for these at your local dispensary the next time you make a trip.

Green Crack

This popular, super potent sativa is an excellent morning smoke that may even rival a cup of coffee with its undeniable kick of get-up and-go. It’s the perfect way to bring in the new spring energy without dreading any sleepiness or laziness after waking and baking. Green Crack could also be useful for a quick post-punch session to give you an extra punch of energy.

springtime strains sunshine #4 bodhi seeds

PHOTO Bodhi Seeds

Sunshine #4

Blaze your way into your happy place with a hybrid strain that not only helps to boost your mood but can also be highly-effective with alleviating pain, headaches and nausea. Like the name suggests, it’s a bright, euphoric high that’s powerful and instantly noticeable. This is a good fit if you like deep herbal flavors.

PHOTO Crockett Family Farms

Lemon 18

Although it might be a little difficult to track down, once you get your hands on these dense, pungent nugs it’ll all be worth it. It’s great for depression and will have you feeling giggly, carefree and super relaxed. Take it easy, though, if you overdo it, you may get sleepier than you planned.

springtime strains

PHOTO Lifetime Seeds


Fans of spicy and sweet flavor profiles will love this zesty hybrid that relaxes the body without making you feel heavy or uninterested in moving around. The buds often have streaks of different colors during flowering which lends to its name. This is a pretty straightforward smoke, so you can prepare yourself for the classic cannabis symptoms.

springtime strains

PHOTO Falcanna

Orange Blossom

This stress-busting hybrid strain is a light, zesty smoke with sweet, citrus undertones. It will have you feeling friendly, talkative and cheerful, so it’s great to share with friends or other social situations where you want to chill but not disappear into a pleasant haze.

powerplant springtime strains

PHOTO Dutch Passion

Power Plant

Boost your creativity a clear-headed sativa that is calming without being too heavy. Lovers of heady highs will appreciate the potency of this relaxing strain that still allows you to be active if you have a day full of errands or a long list of work projects to complete.

purple trainwreck springtime strains

PHOTO Humboldt Seeds

Purple Trainwreck

You’ll definitely be smelling the roses with this shimmering, crystal-coated hybrid full of floral notes and sweet berry. This is a smooth, mellow buzz with a nice, balancing high that may help with focus if other strains leave you feeling a little scatterbrained.

flowerbomb kush greenhouse seed co

PHOTO Greenhouse Seed Co.

Flowerbomb Kush

OG Kush and Green Crack come together to make an indica dominant strain that embodies the best of both worlds. It’s an almost meditative high but it won’t leave you feeling sedated unless you need it to. It’s up to you — small amounts will leave you feeling tranquil while more may while help you float off to a peaceful sleep.

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