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Easter Strains That Will Make Your Weekend a Little Sweeter

Easter Strains
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Easter Strains That Will Make Your Weekend a Little Sweeter

Looking for something delicious that isn’t chocolate? Why not see if your local dispensary has one of these Easter strains.

Whether Easter is a religious or recreational holiday for you, there’s definitely no escaping the pastel colors, candy-filled eggs or images of a fluffy, friendly bunny that descends upon our cultural consciousness this time of year. While the kids gleefully fill themselves up with chocolate and treats, you can sit back and enjoy a few of these Easter strains so you’re not left out of the holiday fun.

Alice in Wonderland

If you need some relief from anxiety or stress, choose this therapeutic sativa-dominant strain for a much-needed mental break. Relax into the euphoric feelings and enjoy the yummy citrus/berry flavors.

Exodus Cheese

Although this strain actually smells quite a bit like its name, it actually has an earthy, pungent taste when smoked. It’s a solid option for those times when you need a high that can stand the test of time while you engage in a few celebratory activities. Uplifting and euphoric, Exodus Cheese is a good way to enjoy the day.

God Bud

You’ll feel creative but sleepy and even a little lazy after indulging in this strong indica. With a sweet yet earthy flavor profile and pungent aroma, God Bud is an excellent blend of dank and delicate.

Green Candy

Long-lasting and uplifting, this sativa strain is great at reducing stress, anxiety and even helping with insomnia. Green Candy is a combination of Candy Kush and Green Crack, two strains known for improving focus and boosting energy levels.

Heaven Scent

This hybrid strain is known for its beautiful buds that range from a deep blue hue to a deep purple color. Made from a cross of God’s Gift and Green Crack, Heaven Scent is a perfect balance of sativa and indica qualities.

Holy Ghost

Four different strains came together to make this powerful hybrid strain with a distinct diesel and citrus aroma. The indica side allows you to relax but won’t put you in a state of paralysis and the sativa side is stimulating without making you jittery.

Lamb’s Bread

Known for its beautiful green color and extra sticky consistency, Lamb’s Bread regularly tests between 19 -25 percent for THC and 0.03-0.2 percent for CBD. It has an earthy, woody taste with a strong, pungent smell. This strain has origins in Jamaica and it’s been reported that Bob Marley has even smoked some of it.

Purple Chemdawg

Chemdawg 91 and Pre-98 Bubba Kush give Purple Chemdawg its super potent and deeply relaxing qualities. Although it does have a lethargic effect thanks to its indica-dominant breeding, it still provides a nice, clear-headed high that allows for tranquil and pleasant introspection.

Zombie OG

As the name suggests, this strain may leave you feeling borderline comatose, but in a really good way. Like many indicas, Zombie OG provides a heavy body stone — perfect for muscle spasms, persistent cramps or general pain. Go for this strain at the end of the day after all your responsibilities have been taken care of and you can really zone out.

TELL US, do you have a favorite strain to smoke at Easter?

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