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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 8 Strains a-Smoking

Christmas Strains Cannabis Now
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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 8 Strains a-Smoking

On the eighth day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: eight strains a-smoking!

Today, our 12 Days of Kushmas celebration brings you a group of eight outstanding strains that are sure to spread non-denominational cheer far and wide.

This time last year, the election had provided the nation with its weediest Christmas yet, as California and Massachusetts voted for adult use cannabis and tripled the amount of Americans who could consume cannabis legally. Christmas in 2017 might feel like less of a celebration of recreational cannabis, but this year still has plenty left to offer. It’ll be more about reminiscing than breaking records, as California — America’s oldest cannabis market and most populous state — opens its adult use market less than a week after the holiday.

When choosing strains for family affairs, delicacy is always of the utmost importance. One cannot simply presume that a Sour Diesel reminiscent of allergy season is going to be compatible with Uncle Barry’s pacemaker. If Vietnam didn’t kill him and you do, he’ll haunt you forever.

Here is a line-up of holiday hits sure to have grandma calling everyone hippies:

Banana Punch

Quite possibly the next Symbiotic Genetics hype machine, Banana Punch was definitely among the coveted seeds of this year’s Emerald Cup. Bred with their banging Purple Punch F2s and Banana OG, according to Symbiotic, this strain has hints of banana, pineapple and tropical fruits. The high begins with a cerebral edge and then makes its way to the body.

Sugar Cookies

If you’re trying to get on Santa’s good side after a year of tomfoolery, Sugar Cookies is an excellent start. Grown by the folks at Phytologie in Oakland California, this is one of the more frosty versions of the famous Cookies genetics. While not from the original Jigga line, it’s among the best of the non-Cookie Fam phenos out there. We’re sure Saint Nick will debate leaving you a Bugatti if you leave some Sugar Cookies next to a glass of milk by your chimney on Christmas Eve.

Jedi Kush

Did you wait an extra five days to see Star Wars just to share the experience with your family when you got home for the holidays? Respect. We didn’t hate the newest Star Wars movie, and we definitely don’t hate Jedi Kush from Cali Connection seeds. Jedi Kush pairs the famed Death Star strain, which is a Sensi Star x East Coast Sour Diesel cross, and Swerve from Cali Connection’s San Fernando Valley OG Kush F5 male for a subtle, earthy smell and a euphoric high.


We wish our advent calendar was filled with this hitter. For years, the Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze cross has always had a special spot in the hearts of chronisseurs the world over. While not a “true” Christmas classic such as the Die Hard strain, Chocolope is a fun twist on a landrace classic that will get people chatty. No promises where that chatter leads.


In a true Christmas miracle, Neptune Seed Bank will be dropping the Symbiotic Genetics strain that took Chalice this year on Boxing Day. However, the Mimosa strain is pre-order only, so get in while you can. Mimosa provided some of the most vibrant flavors of 2017 and, according to the Jungle Boys, who grew the Chalice winner, it’s an excellent strain for first-timers. So if you’re quick, you might have this Mimosa strain in time for Easter!

All Star Jack Frost

This Northern California classic has enough zip to rise Tiny Tim from the grave. All Star Jack Frost is arguably the best Jack Herer cross to ever hit the streets — and there have been plenty. America’s oldest dispensary, Berkeley Patients Group, has always had the hook up for this strain, and back before Cookies really took off, it was always among the contenders for NorCal’s best. If the Ghost of Christmas Past brings you some All Star Jack Frost this year, be sure to share.

Cherry Limeade

One of the Mean Gene Lime varieties and a cup winner for Aficionado Seeds, Cherry Limeade is the perfect accent to Aunt Cindy’s spiked punch. For some reason which is beyond our comprehension, we’re not seeing this strain as much as we did a couple years ago. If you can get your hands on this full-bodied head rush, treasure it.

Tropical Sleigh Ride

Winner of the SC Labs Terpene Content Award at this year’s Emerald Cup, this strain’s nose lives up to the hype. Tropical Sleigh Ride’s terp-loaded high was cool, but more importantly, it smelled like Hawaiian Punch. We expect Greenshock Farms to place a lot of faith in this strain in the future.

TELL US, what strains will you be smoking this holiday season?

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