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Banned Buds Week: Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies Banned Buds Week
Photo courtesy of Berkeley Patients Care Collective


Banned Buds Week: Girl Scout Cookies

Oregon puts kibosh on Girl Scout Cookies, Charlotte’s Web, 18 other strain names that “appeal to children” – but only the names. We’re highlighting these strains during Banned Buds Week.

Strain Lineage: OG Kush  x Durban Poison

The first cannabis strain dynasty likely appeared in the mid-1980s with the emergence of “Skunk #1” and its offspring.  Ask anyone over 40 if they remember the old school Skunk and their eyes will light up as they start to delve into memories of the smells and flavors of roadkilll skunk and sweaty socks.

Due to law enforcement and lord knows what else, the Skunk family lost its title. In the ’90s, the reign of the Chemdog strain dynasty that still dominates all markets today began.

As legend goes, a man referred to as Chemdog received a sample of some amazing herb at a Grateful Dead show in Colorado sometime in the early ’90s and later ordered some of this herb out to the East Coast where he lived. Twelve seeds were found in the bags that Chemdog ordered and from those seeds legends have been born, most notably: Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Chem 4 and Chem 91.

The Chem family stands alone in the current world champions in cannabis today. In order to even be considered on the level of the Chem family, a strain must come swinging with equal amounts of flavor and potency, yet most cannot keep up with the burst of fresh lemons from a proper OG or the soaring wonderful high of a Sour Diesel. Therefore, the “family” demands the highest market prices in the United States.  From Los Angeles to New York City, the “family” has been the taster’s choice desired by rappers, movie stars and grandparents alike.

A very smart breeder in the San Francisco Bay Area discovered the missing link of a sweet member to the Chem family by introducing the cannabis world to “Girl Scout Cookies.”

A brilliant cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison, GSC balances flavor and potency, carving a niche in the cannabis world for those who prefer the more grapey and sweet flavors. Our sample epitomizes the potential of this strain: a sweet burst of grapes and nag champa with baked cookies, followed by an OG Kush lemon back and high.

Living up to its name, I cannot keep my hands out of the cookie jar. GSC posses an amazing high with a hard-to-reach ceiling, this attribute may be the leading cause to the hype surrounding this strain.

Girl Scout Cookies takes a little while to master in an indoor situation as she can be a low yielder if not properly trained or grown in a Sea of Green style. But, she has potential to do much better once dialed in.

The particular sample reviewed was grown with General Hydroponics as a nutrient base and was tested at a 28 percent THC level, an astronomical number for any strain.

Outdoor growing will bring out a much different Girl Scout Cookies; she will lose a little in flavor but become the dense rock hard golf ball style buds that trimmers love. One can expect yields on the higher end of the spectrum with outdoor grown GSC, and while it does not produce like a Blue Dream, I would not be surprised to see a lot more outdoor “Cookies” in everyone’s future due to the ease of growing and harvesting this lovely beauty.

By Vic

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