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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 10 Vapes a-Vaping

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The 12 Days of Kushmas: 10 Vapes a-Vaping

For the 10th day of Kushmas, my true love gave to me: 10 vapes a-vaping!

With so many vapes to choose from on the market, it can be hard to figure out what’s mediocre and what’s worth making a part of your long-term collection. Here are some of our favorite vapes that boast great quality, intentional design, cutting-edge technology and promise to get the job done. These vapes — which come at a variety of price points — would make fantastic gifts for anyone from the cannabis-curious cousin to the well-versed habitually smoking sibling, if you’re still looking for last-minute present ideas!

Rove Vape Pen

Rove Vaporizer Cannabis Now

You won’t have to worry about waxes, chlorophyll or any other unwanted plant materials with this premium CO2 oil meticulously extracted from Cali-grown flowers. Whether you’re into sativa, indicas or hybrids, this brands has you covered with 10 different strain-specific cartridges to choose from.

Dipstick Vapes Dipper

This touch-and-go vape makes enjoying concentrates super easy and quick by removing the bulk of rigs and torches. With its three temperature settings for better user experience and control, using a Dipstick is almost like enjoying a proper dab. Plus, the additional Quartz Crystal Atomizer lets you to use the vape as a concentrate pen, too.

Bhang Black Vapes

Though this company is best known for their cannabis-infused chocolates, they have also ventured into making 100 percent pure-CO2-extracted cannabis oil that tests 70 to 90 percent THC. Their Black Private Reserve cartridges contain strain-specific oils made from Humboldt-grown cannabis with minimal processing to preserve the amazing flavor profiles.

KandyPens Elite

Elevated air holes and a mouthpiece carb help increase vapor production in this luxe vape that boasts increased chamber capacity and maximized airflow compared older versions. Plus, it was awarded “Best Vape Pen 2017” by The Vape Critic for its high quality functionality and ergonomic design.


In Cheech & Chong's Next Movie, Chong more or less predicted his future career as a fixture of cannabusiness: "I figure this way; dope's gonna be legal in a few years… then it'll be a legitimate job. And all these other dudes that aren't ready for it, they won't know how to do it, see? Then, like, I'll have a job."

Looking for something a little more substantial than a handheld vape? This tabletop vaporizer lets you vape both flower and concentrate and is smart enough to not to let you burn your stash, thanks to its ability to sense the ambient temperature inside the vape and adjust the heat accordingly. Plus, you can choose whether you prefer to use the whip system or fill bags up full of tasty vapor.

Hmblt Dose Pen

Optimized temperature control, airflow control and time control are the secrets behind the consistency in this product. Each inhale produces a precisely measured dose of medicine that allows you to have ultimate control over how much you’re vaping. The pen also has six different formulas to choose from based upon your desired experience, including bliss, sleep, relief, calm, arouse and passion.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

Aurora Dr. Dabber Cannabis Now

Sleek and as discreet as a e-cig, this vape is more than just a pretty device for oil lovers. It’s main focus is versatility and it comes with three different chambers, so you don’t have to switch between devices in order to enjoy any type of your preferred oil.

Pax Era

Lightweight and pocket-sized, this vape comes has a wide temperature range that allows you to customize your experience. The device has a unique dual-end wicking that promises increased vapor density from their range pods that come in various blends to suit your mood.

Alchemy by Dark Heart

This line of vapes combines the power of cannabis with the restorative effects of botanical extracts in 30 percent and 70 percent THC cartridges. Choose from four unique blends (Relax, Awaken, Inspire and Explore) to suit your mood and create the experience you’re looking for at any time of the day.

Absorb CBD Cartridge

With all the soothing components of CBD, this vape is great for pain relief, depression, anxiety and stress without the psychoactive effects most commonly associated with smoking cannabis. Made with AC/DC, a high CBD, sativa-dominant strain known for its therapeutic and uplifting effects, you can expect to feel mellow and euphoric without any of the buzz.

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