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Women Grow Gala Celebrates Inclusion & Collaboration in Style

Speaker in Red Dress Talking at Women Grow Gala
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Women Grow Gala Celebrates Inclusion & Collaboration in Style

The focus of the night was on the groundbreaking trajectory of Women Grow as a company, networking hub and standard of excellence in the industry.

Last night, Women Grow celebrated an amazing first year of success by hosting a gala in San Francisco. Hundreds of name-tagged attendees packed into The Vestry at The Chapel in the Mission District to listen to speakers, do some heavy networking and bask in the glow of an ever-evolving cannabis climate.

Founded by Jane West, Jazmin Hupp and Julie Batkiewicz in Denver, Colorado last year, Women Grow has since expanded to 33 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The group’s list achievements in its inaugural year include bringing 76 members to lobby for cannabis rights in Washington D.C and hosting a leadership summit that aligned women from 20 different states across the nation.

During the San Francisco gala, more than 200 cannabis industry professionals from multiple chapters converged to commemorate the achievements of the organization over the last year amid a sea of vaporizers and flowing glasses of wine. Although the evening was organized to honor the work and willpower of women in the cannabis industry, the crowd was a diverse mix of both men and women – a true testament to the unifying spirit of inclusiveness that comes with making space for everyone in the business.

Hupp spoke to a lively, enthusiastic crowd introducing Shabnam Malek and Amanda Conley, the two powerhouses behind the San Francisco chapter – the first created outside of the organization’s founders. The women have since gone on to form several companies together including collaborating with other colleagues to launch the National Cannabis Bar Association this June. Juliana Carella (founder and CEO of Auntie Dolores), Senior Wellness Advocate Sue Simon Taylor and Tawnie Logan (founder of Sonoma County Growers Alliance) also offered insights about the cannabis industry and the future of compassionate medicine to those gathered in the crowd.

Attendees were encouraged to take risks, make connections and leave the competitive spirit at home. The future of the industry will rely on collaborations, sharing resources and reaching out to one another to help everyone get to the next level of greatness, Hupp said. Sponsored by Steep Hill Labs, Auntie Dolores, Stash Twist, Green Rush Consulting and Cannabis Now, the event was a testament to the strength of coming together for a cause and celebrating with style.

 Are you a woman in the cannabis industry? Introduce yourself in the comments.

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