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Cannabis Job Fair: Get a Career in the Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis Job Fair: Get a Career in the Cannabis Industry

Building on the success of a San Francisco event that drew nearly 1,500 attendees in January, Bloom Farms is set to host another cannabis career fair in Los Angeles.

With medical cannabis in nearly half of the states across the U.S. and adult-use legalization states on the rise, it’s clear cannabis will continue to be a viable career option for years to come.

The job fair, set for Sunday, Oct. 4 in Hollywood, features some of the biggest names in the California cannabis marketplace including Kiva Confections, Harborside Health Center and Meadow.

Bloom Farms Director Mike Ray founded his company less than a year ago and has since hosted the career fair along with a series of parties inviting dispensary workers to socialize known as the Budtenders Bash. Bloom Farms makes a vaporizer that comes in both indica and sativa varieties known as the Highlighter. As a brand, Ray said that he wanted to “step away from the product itself,” meaning he knows he has to have great all-natural cannabis oil, but would rather focus on the reasons why people enjoy cannabis. He gives four main reasons for the love of our favorite herb: relaxation, relief, creative pursuits and fun.

“Those four things speak to everyone who smokes cannabis at a base level,” he says.

To gain entrance into the upcoming career fair attendees need to be at least 18 years old with a valid medical marijuana recommendation. Attendees can also get potential jump on the competition by sending along a resume to the employers before the event begins. Career prospects include positions in various forms of the industry including budtenders, delivery drivers, administrative assistants and graphic designers.

Do you want career in cannabis? What’s your ideal position?

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