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Vaporite Ruby by Vapor Nation

Green, black, blue, and red Vaporite Rubies stand aside one another on a white background.


Vaporite Ruby by Vapor Nation

There’s no denying the sheer convenience of a solid vaporizer that’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and still deliver thick hits of wax straight to the dome. The Vaporite Ruby, offered by Vapor Nation, heats waxes into thick smoke clouds that form and quickly dissipate in the air leaving little trace.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now Magazine

Complete with a small dab tool and a USB charger that stretches out to size, the Ruby is a solid buy for those new to the world of vaporizing. Once in hand, it provides a great way to smoke waxes in both public or private in a discreet manner. The Ruby is also great for outdoor smoking as the wax, once in the atomizer, is impervious to elements such as strong winds. Ruby smokers will never be caught trying in vain to light a bowl in heavy winds or dragging along a blow torch and dab rig to the beach. We should all be so prepared.

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