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VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Cloud Evo VapeXale Vapor Bong


VapeXhale Cloud EVO

Photo by Gracie Malley

Imagine this: Shark Tooth herb and an ice cold bong rip sent through a series of percolators on an amazing glass piece, but it gets better, you’re vaporizing.

The Cloud EVO by VapeXhale is an undeniably unique vaporizing experience that brings back the comfortable classic memories of your favorite glass bong rips combined with a new-age vaporization twist. The unit plugs in and heats easily. From there you can place ground cannabis in a chamber and place on the cap so the herb doesn’t fall out. Then enjoy a hit through VapeXhale’s glass hydratubes or flip the unit upside down and insert onto a 18mm glass on glass bong.

especially | Jessica Catalano + Cannabis Now MagazineThe EVO is so amazing we had to “sample” it multiple times to truly savor the excellent taste of the vaporized cannabis. The all-glass vapor path leaves no trace of plastic or metal, producing smooth and flavorful hits.

Those that purchase the additional hydratube attachments can also use the Cloud EVO for concentrates. Concentrates should be placed in the glass concentrate tubes in single serving hits, as small amounts produce huge, thick dab hits. It’s great to be able to dab without needing a butane torch and dabbing with the addition of bubbles, water and glass just feels classy.

The Cloud EVO will get one extremely stoney on just a bit of herb or wax and is a fantastic piece for any cannabis collection.

Click here to purchase / $449

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