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Top 4 Cannabis Strains for the 2019 MLB Baseball Season

Sundae Driver
Sundae Driver / Photo Courtesy Ilera Healthcare


Top 4 Cannabis Strains for the 2019 MLB Baseball Season

Baseball season has arrived and more fans than ever will be able to enjoy high-end legal marijuana with their hot dogs and crackerjacks.

With 10 states and the District of Columbia having legal marijuana on the books, and many more selling it for medical purposes, there has never been a better time for baseball fans to puff tough and sit down for four and a half innings until the next rotation. Many of the premier teams in baseball today call states with legal cannabis home, and so we think it’s worth noting some of our favorite strains available in various baseball markets.

But before we get into the goods, there are lots of ways you can prep for a baseball game when it comes to cannabis consumption. The first — and perhaps simplest — option is to plan to eat it, but be careful if you’ve never messed around with edibles before or cooked them yourself. Everyone’s body reacts differently to edibles, and while some people on a given day can safely consume a potent edible of 10 mg of THC or above, for other people, that might be enough to make you think Babe Ruth is singing the national anthem.

The second option is to practice your vape-pen-to-soda-cup exhale. I use the straw technique to blow the vapor into an empty cup, but I have one homie I’m pretty sure likes to blow bubbles of award-winning Gold Drop concentrate vapor in his soda. Both are effective methods for sure.

If you want to smoke flower either before or during a baseball game, albeit a riskier endeavor, we recommend these top strains gathering hype right now, paired with their hometown baseball teams.

Boston Red Sox: Ghost Train Haze

Last year, the Red Sox won the battle of the legal weed World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and brought another championship back to Boston. While it would obviously be difficult for Boston to compete with LA’s patchwork of world-class growers and great OG Kush, the baseball diamond proved a bit more competitive. Red Sox fans can also finally buy pot a reasonable distance from Fenway Park without pretending they are sick, as the greater Boston area’s first metro adult-use dispensary NETA Brookline recently opened its doors just a ten-minute drive from Fenway. You’ll be able to pick up one of our favorite Denver strains there, Ghost Train Haze by Rare Dankness. It should be uplifting enough to get you over The Green Monster.

San Francisco Giants: Sour Apple Zkittlez

Sour Apple Zkittlez Gold Seal
Photo Courtesy Gold Seal SF

Dropped on the world the day after the 2019 season’s opening day in San Francisco, Sour Apple Zkittlez in the newest offering in the lineup of popular San Francisco cultivators Gold Seal. The Giants’ fanbase usually displays prominent pregame clouds of marijuana smoke and we have no doubt the new flavor grown in the city will make it to the edge of McCovey’s Cove. According to Gold Seal, this new strain is a Sour Apple IBL and Shocker cross that’s definitely got that classic Zkittlez flavor, but with notes of Apple Jax added back in the mix!

Philadelphia Phillies: Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver
Photo Courtesy Ilera Healthcare

Things are really blowing up for Phillys fans, be it the names now on the team’s batting order or strain selection in town. And now, there is a closer dispensary than ever to the ballpark with Herbology opening up shop a 12 minute drive from the stadium. They aren’t skimping in the City of Brotherly Love when it comes to some of the world’s best strains of the moment, you’ll be able to find Sundae Driver on the menu at Herbology. It is without a doubt an absolute must-smoke cultivar. The pairing of Fruity Pebbles OG and Grape Pie from the breeders at Cannarado has been something special everytime we have personally laid eyes on it. The batch from Ilera Healthcare may not be from one of the big West Coast propagations of the strain, but it certainly looks nice!

Los Angeles Dodgers: Green Lantern

Green Lantern Cannabis Now
Photo Courtesy Ridgeline Farms

Dodgers fans may have come up short in their World Series hopes last year, but at least they will have the opportunity to buy The Emerald Cup champion from last year. Ridgeline Farms took home the honors for their Green Lantern, and now people will be able to take the strain home as part of Flow Kana’s first release of their limited edition micro batches. The Green Lantern joins five other strains in the release, including the Emerald Cup second place winner, Double OG Chem cultivated by Rebel Grown. Having some real winners in town might be enough to put the Dodgers over the edge this season.

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