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Super Stoney Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl LI will be watched by more legal cannabis users than any in history.


Super Stoney Super Bowl Snacks

You can’t have a Super Bowl party without snacks. Luckily for you, we’ve already done the hard work of collecting some of the best edibles available for your Super Bowl LI festivities — all you have to do is buy and eat them.

The Super Bowl is all about the munchies, and with pot being more legal than ever before, we felt it was time for a proper pairing of the two.

You won’t see certain Super Bowl staple dishes like guacamole or seven layer dip on this list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with the possibilities: while putting our heads together at Cannabis Now HQ, the editorial staff agreed the world was missing a seven layer dip that’s 10 milligrams a layer.

What you will certainly find is a list of great, already-made edibles that will help you cover your Super Bowl’s must have-snacks.

Chips – Bomb Chips

Chips are a baseline essential to all proper Super Bowl festivities. There are a plethora of excellent chip options between the Pacific Coast and Denver, but for us, the absolute hyphyness of Bomb Chips put them a step above your standard THC-laced potato chip.

Nuts – Chile Lime Peanuts & Glazed Pecan Auntie Dolores

No Super Bowl party is complete without a few nuts. I mean, it’s the only family event we invite cousin Billy to. For nuts of the snacking kind, Auntie Dolores has you covered with great twists on peanuts and pecans. About five to six pecans equal a dose, so dive in.

Pretzels – Auntie Dolores

Auntie Dolores is back again with a slightly saltier option, for all those folks who can’t figure out why Tom Brady is back in the Super Bowl! Generally speaking the 120mg savory pretzels are the best in the game for the big game and will cover all your crunchiness needs. Be sure to hide some for the second half, these will be moving quick.

Popcorn – Korova White Cheddar Popcorn

Korova’s 300MG popcorn is the perfect option for tossing down a few hundred milligrams on the quick, or throwing down a few in disgust when you miss out on the square at the end of the first quarter by a few points.

Hot Sauce – Freddie’s Hott Sauce

A Super Bowl Party without hot wings is like a lunar landing without Americans — things just don’t happen that way. Maybe you’re having a “football” party but a Super Bowl party? No worries though, thanks to Freddie’s Hot Sauce, those are the exact kind of self-retrospective questions you’ll be avoiding while you crushing on some wings that get you lit.

Sizzurrp – Tree Lean 1000MG

Who doesn’t want to watch the Super Bowl with their rapper friends? But if you do, you’ll need to make sure you have the appropriate quantities of styrofoam cups and THC-laced cough syrup, that’s just basic stuff. A 1000mg bottle of Tree Lean should slow down even the fastest freestyle to almost comprehensible speeds.

Cakepops – Kush Cake Pops

Super Bowl Parties can end up being awash in ill-conceived baked goods from the less creative types. Fear not though, Kush Cake Pops delightfully functional spheres of cake on a stick are well done, potent and yummy. They should basically be their own food group.

Ice Cream – Beezle’s Creamery

Few ice cream concoctions have captured the hearts and minds of the West Coast like Beezle’s Creamery and nothing quite cools off a Raider fan after the last 16 years like a push pop. Ice cream from the Beezle crew will definitely be that pick me up you’re looking for in the third quarter.

Beer – HighPA Thorn St. Brewery

Selecting the perfect suds for your Super Bowl viewing extravaganja has long been a challenge for the headiest among us. But with the addition of Thorn St. Breweries Terpene loaded beer, this challenge has been met. The terpenes used in the beer are collected by Jetty Extracts and then passed along to Thorn St.

TELL US, will any of these edibles be making an appearance at your Super Bowl party?

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