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Smokebuddy: The Ultimate Accessory for the Conscious (& Covert) Smoker

Smokebuddy: The Ultimate Accessory for the Conscious (& Covert) Smoker
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Smokebuddy: The Ultimate Accessory for the Conscious (& Covert) Smoker

Slide over sploofs, there’s a classier, and more effective product on the market that will make your smoking session less conspicuous – the Smokebuddy.

What if you could eliminate smoke entirely on the exhale, leaving your surrounding environment smoke-free? Enter Smokebuddy, the personal air filter that requires no charging, no settings, no electronic tech whatsoever.

Smokebuddy was created in 2008 on the principle of producing low-cost personal air filters that eliminate exhaled smoke. What they managed to create was a one-of-a-kind accessory does exactly that, and along with it removes odors, pollutants, and any mote of social anxiety stemming from potential harm.

The Smokebuddy is simple, portable, durable, and effective. From a design perspective, it’s clear that simplicity is a core value to the team behind Smokebuddy and, to their credit, the product itself is wonderfully simple to use.

So how does it work?

Take the hit from your pipe or bong, then blow through Smokebuddy to be smoke-free. The device is a sealable container packed with HEPA filter tech that utilizes activated carbon and ceramic beads to help you achieve the impossible and keep your smoke to yourself. It’s a highly portable solution for the considerate and/or covert smoker on-the-move. The lid even has a lanyard in case you forget where you put it.

The usability of Smokebuddy’s personal air filter is second to none. Simply unsnap the cap, exhale into the mouthpiece, replace the cap and snap closed, that’s about as strenuous as it gets.

With three sizes available (Original, Junior and MEGA) there is a perfect play for every situation be it a family home, considerate dorm room, shared car or non-smoking hotel rooms. In many ways, Smokebuddy is the ultimate accessory for the conscious (and covert) smoker who values the comfort of his/her friends as paramount.

The Smokebuddy is super easy to clean and maintain. Just use a damp cloth or tissue to wipe the inside and you’re done. Furthermore, it’s environmentally safe and lasts for 300+ uses, making it a discreet, effective and cheap solution to eliminating secondhand smoke.

Smokebuddy is dedicated to social responsibility, supporting homegrown charities and community initiatives including the late Paul Walker’s charity Reach Out Worldwide, the Las Vegas Victims Fund, and Forgotten Not Gone, a nonprofit dedicated to saving veterans and their families from suicide.

Use discount code SBCARES for 20 percent off purchases on the Smokebuddy website.

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