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Popular Strains to Smoke on 420

Popular Strains to smoke on 420 Cannabis Now
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Popular Strains to Smoke on 420

An offering of the best marijuana strains to smoke on 420.

Friday will host the biggest marijuana smoking day in the history of the galaxy, so today we give you a list of strains we feel are moving the needle the most going into this year’s 420.

This list is more a combination of availability in legal markets, availability in black markets as well as the hype and excitement around each of these fabulous cuts. While this list is sure to be controversial with so much fantastic cannabis to choose from, we feel it’s a healthy snapshot of market enthusiasm around some of America’s best pot.

GG 4# or Original Glue

Now that the duct tape industry has preserved one of its most beloved trademarks, the official name of GG4# is settled but breeders Joesy Whales and Lone Watie say it’s cool to call it Original Glue too. Nevertheless, the indica hybrid that’s found itself among the top strains of the decade now finds itself on nearly every dispensary shelf in America and deservingly so.


The San Francisco heat! The classic Northern California strain has dominated the market and people perception of good cannabis since the turn of the decade. While many variations have made it out into the wild, some bag seed and some more nefarious, the genetic lines San Fransisco Breeder Jigga has developed in-house continue to be top of the food chain.

Purple Punch

When every major U.S. Cannabis publication of note picks the same strain for the best of the year, you simply have to take note. Thankfully, dispensaries have been thirsty to get their hands on the now famous Supernova Gardens cut, and Symbiotic Genetics have been pumping out their F2 version seeds to the masses for a year.

OG Kush

OG Kush is kind of like Queen Elizabeth’s hat collection in the sense there are a lot of them, but the real ones are all special and fit for royalty. We’ve highlighted our favorite OGs in the past and new exciting crosses pop up all the time. If you find yourself in line at a dispensary without any form of OG Kush, you may actually be at the DMV. Check your surroundings immediately.


From the majestic redwoods of Northern California, Zkittlez is one of the Emerald Triangle’s most recent answers to who has the world’s best pot. Unless you’re a rapper with 100k followers on Instagram, I can’t make any promises you’ll run into this on Friday. But if you do! Love thyself and buy as much of it as you can get. And if you own a dispensary with the real cut you should limit it to a eighth per person this week.

Sour Diesel

‘Tis a mythical beast, the real diesel fuel. Most people who think they’re smoking Sour Diesel this 420 will not be. But should you be lucky enough to open a jar that smells like some kind of accident happened at a gas station and clean up crews are on the way, you may be, in fact, smoking the real deal Sour Diesel. But a lot of what you might find will be silver medalist Chem cuts and we apologize.

Blue Dream

We haven’t seen a true top-shelf Blue Dream since the harvest of 2010, but it’s still everywhere. The high-yielding strain isn’t flashy, but plenty still makes it to the black market. So Blue Dream will be some of the better pot in the worst places to smoke on 420. Midsy B-list sativa hybrids for the win!

Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana is a testament to good breeding. Besides the fact it makes some of the most fantastic terpene loaded extracts on the planet, it’s super stable. This means there are a bunch of great versions of it all over the place. While it may not be on every dispensary menu, you won’t have to look far.

TELL US, what will you be smoking on 420?

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