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Keep Smoke to Yourself in Social Settings with Smokebuddy

Smokebuddy Review
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Keep Smoke to Yourself in Social Settings with Smokebuddy

Portable, powerful and perfect for almost any social occasion, Smokebuddy cleans exhalations through carbon filtration.

Cannabis users today, despite years of efforts, still face stigmatization in certain situations. The most enduring objection has nothing to do with the cannabis users themselves, but rather, the odor of the plant when combusted or vaped.

Although legal gray areas abound, there are ways to avoid scrutiny by simply keeping odors down in questionable situations like the five scenarios below:

Hotels & Lodgings

For many, taking a trip to a legal state comes with confusion. Where can one toke without trouble? Cannabis consumers want to relax and enjoy cannabis in privacy and comfort, yet cannabis friendly lodgings remain few and far between.

Small motels and some Air BnB’s don’t mind use, but most large chains don’t. According to the LA Times, many don’t want to lose business and family customers outside legal areas due to a cannabis-linked image.

While some chains have quietly made their tolerance known, an odorous complaint can still lead to an oust.

Rental Properties

Residents in some legal states have been fighting against landlord laws that allow denial of cannabis use in rented dwellings. While considered private property, rental homes or apartments, like hotels, leave residence subject to the whims and discretion of the owner.

Landlords don’t always sympathize and allow residents to smoke cannabis in their dwellings let alone allow for personal grows. Hurdles with banking, property insurance and federally subsidized housing rules dwarf the return they might make.

Most avoid legal issues with lease verbiage including the option to evict if tenants violate state or federal law. Until federal law changes, that means cannabis users must remain under the radar, or risk losing their rental residence.

Public Events

Cannabis enthusiasts also enjoy visiting art galleries, concerts, clubs, bars and public parks. These venues offer social interaction, culture and positive experiences ideal for cannabinoid enhancement.

Yet in these places, almost uniformly, tobacco and alcohol can be found not only tolerated but even available for sale. Those who choose cannabis find themselves at odds, even at cannabis-related events.

Medicating Emergencies

Perhaps the most difficult situation is that of medicinal users. For them, cannabis is less a choice and more a necessity. Many conditions treated by cannabis elicit sudden symptoms or episodes.

The fastest way to get relief remains through inhalation. If an episode occurs in public, or even more alarming, at work, most patients wouldn’t have the luxury of waiting until in a more discreet location. From asthma to epilepsy, an emergency means immediate action.

Yet-To-Be Legal States

In these areas, an incidental odor can cause more than an unfortunate oust. Users face serious consequences, including arrest and prison.

Medical patients can’t always wait for the law to fall in line with their needs. And not all can afford to relocate to legal states.

The only way to stay healthy and safe is to avoid detection.

Keep Your Smoke to Yourself With Smokebuddy

Thankfully, cannabis courtesy has an ally. Smokebuddy has created a unique product to reduce odors from vaping and even smoking.

Ideal for vaping or controlled smoking, like with pipes, it keeps personal use private, even in public, which has a number of positive outcomes for otherwise smoky situations:

  • Cannabis users can avoid hotel charges for odors.
  • Renters remain safe from scrutiny and eviction.
  • Public events stay enjoyable.
  • Medical emergencies avoid embarrassing interactions.
  • Users can potentially avoid legal issues no matter what state they call home.

Smokebuddy designed its one-of-a-kind personal second-hand smoke filter so that smokers and non-smokers could enjoy public places together.

TELL US, have you faced stigmatization for smoking cannabis?

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