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The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Packs a Powerful, Potent Punch

Ghost MV1
Photo Courtesy Ghost Vapes


The Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Packs a Powerful, Potent Punch

The GHOST MV1 features the latest technology in portable electronic 2-in-1 vapes that can be used for both flower and extracts.

The Ghost MV1’s website boasts, “you no longer have to dream of a vape that delivers purity of flavor, zero charring, no stirring and precise temperature control… it’s here.” This is a pretty bold statement so we were excited to put the device to the test.

Created by Ghost Vapes, the MV1 is certainly an iconic design with a “the future is now” kind of feel, showcasing a solid alloy body and four colors to choose from: black chrome, satin silver, rose gold and nickel. It’s built to medical device standards, which means it follows the requirements for quality management and regulatory purposes for medical supplies set by the FDA.

If that’s not impressive enough, it holds an insane amount of power and also comes with a removable battery pack. This could be worrying for some with recent news of exploding batteries — phones included — but the Ghost MV1 has been engineered with proprietary technology to make it the one of the safest vapes on the market. A fun additional feature of the MV1 is the app, which gives you a dashboard and dials to set things, like temperature preferences.

Now, let’s get into what it was like to vaporize dry herb and then concentrates.

Dry Herb

We tried the dry herb feature with some light dep Pink Cookies grown in Salinas, California. The initial step to vaping the herb was to grind up the weed. Then, remove the crucible from the herb chamber and fill it up with your ground up strain of choice and slot the crucible back into the chamber. Finally, pull out the glass mouthpiece from the top of the device. When you are ready to consume, hold down the main vape button down until the body vibrates and inhale. Note: make sure you keep holding down the button while inhaling.

The taste was really great and there was a lot of vapor produced. Honestly, we were seriously impressed with how excellent the dry herb experience was. Often, when reviewing a product, it is easy to just try something out a couple times and then leave it alone. But this device has such a good herb feature that we kept going back to it after that first puff.


Similar to the dry herb experience, you start out vaping a concentrate by removing the crucible from the herb chamber, but that’s where the similarity ends.

Place the liquid pad inside the herb chamber, dab your desired amount of concentrate onto the pad, cover the lid and then slot it back into the vaporizer body. Then, hold the vape button down until the body vibrates and inhale.

Just like the herb experience, the dab flavor was top notch. It actually tasted just like it smelled and there was zero residue left.

Since we were switching between herb and concentrate, the glass mouthpiece was already up. But, if you aren’t constantly using the device, make sure to push the mouthpiece down to protect it from damage. Also, another thing to note if you are switching between dry herb and concentrate like we were, make sure to hit the mode button to change the temperature from herb to the wax setting.

Overall Experience of the Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1 was surprisingly excellent for vaping both dry herb and concentrate. It can be difficult to excel in both categories because the material is so vastly different, but Ghost Vapes has done it.

For $295, the Ghost MV1 Vaporizer comes with a boat-load of stuff: isopropyl alcohol wipes, cleaning buds, a crucible dispenser, fast-charger kit, phone app, plus the device itself. Initially, it felt like a lot of items to us just for a vape, but each piece proved to be useful and a thoughtful touch to the purchase.

The biggest drawback to this device is its size. This device does not strike us as portable. It’s very large, heavy, and visible. The design team of Ghost has intentionally created a unique look, but the need for a lot of battery power has led to a huge device.

The other drawback for this vape was it needed charging overnight before the first use. If you do not do this, it risks permanently damaging it leading to a shortened lifespan.

Overall, this device really hits a home run. The quality of vapor produced and the flavor profile are so good that we can overlook its initial setup time and its size.

TELL US, have you tried a 2-in-1 vape?

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