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Product Review: Snubbz Smoke Silencer


Product Review: Snubbz Smoke Silencer

Photo by Gracie Malley

Activate your inner ninja with this stealthy, smokeless way to toke. A self-described “happy tokin’ company” from San Jose has created the Snubbz Smoke Silencer, a disposable smoke filter designed to capture 99.7 percent of particles. It comes with a cherry topper to add an extra layer of discretion for odor-free sessions whether using a pipe or a vaporizer. The activated charcoal made from 100 percent coconut shells in the filter helps the accessory to last for about 200 hits before it needs to be replaced.

Not only is it extremely useful, it’s also easy to use. After taking a hit, put the heat resistant, silicone cherry topper and firmly press it down on the top of the bowl to create a seal that stifles the lingering smoke. Next, exhale the smoke directly into the small mouthpiece and be amazed at the smokeless and odorless outcome.

Check out the video for a visual demonstration on how to use the Snubbz Smoke Silencer.

Click here to purchase | $10.95

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