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Product Review: Dream Glitter Pipes


Product Review: Dream Glitter Pipes


These sparkly Glitter Pipes transport us all the way back to the 90s into a Lisa Frank nostalgia. Watching the twinkly liquid descend is like watching the glitter wands of youth. Plus, the emojis are just too darn cute! Featuring dolphins and octopi, these special edition pipe and dab tool sets blown in Denver, Colorado are painfully adorable.

When Glitter Pipes owner Sam Shives got his start with Jerome Baker Designs (JBD) in 1998, crafting flashy glass was not the ultimate goal. But, people loved the pipes and Shives has stuck with it – sending glitter throughout the world despite many roadblocks faced by glassblowers as well as those in the cannabis industry as a whole.

At JBD, Shives saw his colleagues go down in the same bust that took down Tommy Chong. Today he continues to fight for the right to sell pipes in a state with adult-use cannabis. The battles Glitter Pipes face now are against companies like Paypal, which refused to service a website carrying the pieces, and financial institutions that would not open an account on the grounds that the company is a “marijuana business.”

“It’s more than just glass, it’s more than just glitter to me,” Shives said. “To me, on some level, it’s activism. That’s what making a pipe was.”

These pipes, as a form of activism, sparkle even brighter. While our emoji selections were a special edition set we snagged in Las Vegas, the Glitter Pipes come in eight color ways, including a glow in the dark option. They’re are solid, approachable smoke wear that can also be frozen for extra chill rips. While these glitzy goods might be reminiscent of the past, Shives is hopeful the cannabis community sticks together in working towards the future freedom of our favorite herb.

Click here to purchase / $60 – $80

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