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Product Review: Indica Noir

The discreet Indica Noir vaporizor sits on a bar posing as a Zippo lighter.


Product Review: Indica Noir

Simple, sleek and sophisticated, the Indica Noir is a vape enthusiast’s dream come true. It’s minimal, compact design allows the discrete device to fit perfectly in a pocket, pouch (which is included) or in the palm of your hand. To the uninitiated eye, the Indica looks like a Zippo lighter but a closer looks reveals the ingenuity: a clickable button controls the incremental temperature settings, the easy-to-load chamber holds the flowers and small mouthpiece delivers the great tasting vapor.

All of this goodness comes housed in a slide-top wooden box that also works perfectly for storing the device along with all the quality accessories that are included. A little bag comes complete with tools to help aid the process and solve any potential mishaps. Need a cleaning brush? Got it. Trouble with the screen? Just switch it out with one of the replacement screens. Pesky buds stuck in the chamber? Grab the vape pick and dig around to get it out.

The best thing, of course, is how smooth this vaporizer vapes. The controlled settings really give the user the opportunity to fine tune their vaping experience. Most vaporizers have a general setting that provides a basic heat source that doesn’t consider the needs of the person enjoying the cannabis. The Indica puts the power back into the hands of the user, letting them choose which temperature works best for them, based on the the density and flavor they’re trying to achieve.

The delicious Star Berry strain maintained its deep, fruity taste throughout the pleasant smoke session. Clicking through the various temperatures gave the opportunity to experiment with the density of the vapor plume and show off the cool range of colors the LED light flashes after a quick double click. Overall, the Indica is a great piece to include in any smoker’s arsenal. It’s quality, compact device that’s clearly been made with care.

Click here to purchase – $199.97

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