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Titanium Deviations Black Box

The sleek one hitter, Titanium Deviations Black Box, on display for purchase.


Titanium Deviations Black Box

Every smoker knows the joys of finding a perfectly practical and discreet one-hitter that gets straight to the point without cutting any corners on quality. Cheap materials and poor execution are a recipe for disaster, but especially when it comes to small pipes that require efficient but minimal designing. Luckily, there’s a pocket-sized piece that can get the job done.

The Black Box by Titanium Deviations is made in two different sizes, the original Black Box and the Little Black Box, and comes in an unassuming, small black pouch for easy transporting. They both offer a simple, quick and efficient way to medicate on-the-go

The titanium bat is housed inside of a slim, durable Delrin case that’s guaranteed to hold up under tough conditions thanks to its dependable tensile strength. It functions as a one-stop shop with a small compartment that holds the sleek smoking apparatus on one side and another, empty space to hold your herb of choice.

The best part is how easy and straight forward it is to use. Just twist the top of the case and the bat springs up to your awaiting hands. Grab a hearty pinch of flowers from the handy compartment and load it into the pipe, making sure to put in the right way — in the indented, engraved bowl with a small hole, not the open mouthpiece where you will be smoking from. An initial test run produced a mouth full of charred remnants (some call them “party favors”), so double check that the cannabis is going in the right place as it’s easy to miss when not intentionally observing the difference of each end.

It smokes smoothly, only heating a little when exposed to a flame for an extended amount time. The good part is that it cools down quickly, making it convenient to share with a friend. The Black Box isn’t the ideal piece for an all-out smoke session, but that’s the point. The bowl is designed for quick tokes and power puffs for people out and about who just need a minute to medicate.

Click here to purchase $75/$85

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